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Image of Aggramar
Title The Avenger,
Champion of the Pantheon,
Lieutenant of the Great Sargeras[1][2] (formerly)
Gender Male
Race(s) Titan
Affiliation(s) The Pantheon
Occupation Champion of the Pantheon, former lieutenant of Sargeras
Status Deceased[3]
Mentor(s) Sargeras

Aggramar, the Avenger, was a titan and the former lieutenant of Sargeras. When Sargeras betrayed the Pantheon, Aggramar took up his role of champion, until he was slain by his former tutor and friend.[3]


Like all titans, Aggramar was born from a world-soul maturing within a planet in the Great Dark Beyond. Though it is not known when exactly he was born in relation to the other members of the Pantheon, what is known is that he was relatively inexperienced in battle when first sent to aid the Pantheon's champion, Sargeras, in his hunt for the demons who threatened the Pantheon's work. Aggramar proved a quick study and soon earned Sargeras' admiration, and became the warrior's trusted lieutenant. The two fought shoulder to shoulder against the endless demons of the Twisting Nether, and together they soon brought peace to the cosmos.[4]

After Sargeras stormed away from the Pantheon, Aggramar continued his quest alone. During one of his long journeys, he suddenly sensed the tranquil dreams of a powerful world-soul emanating from the distant reaches of the Great Dark. When he reached the planet, however, he was horrified to find that Old Gods had already infested the world and shrouded its skies in a layer of Void energies. Realizing that Sargeras had been right about the plans of the Old Gods and their void lord masters, Aggramar immediately returned to the Pantheon to inform them of his discovery. He urged the other titans to take action immediately in order to save the nascent world-soul, which would later become known as Azeroth. Eonar the Life-Binder was quick to side with Aggramar, and managed to convince the rest of the Pantheon to save this lost sibling of theirs.[5]

Due to the titans' colossal size, Aggramar feared that if the Pantheon were to take action directly, they would irrevocably damage, or even kill, the world-soul, and so instead he proposed the creation of the titan-forged to do battle in their stead. As the other members of the Pantheon imbued part of their powers into the keepers, the greatest of the titan-forged, Aggramar imparted his courage and strength to Tyr, who would become the greatest warrior of the titan-forged.[5]

Eons later, while the titan-forged went about their duties on the now cleansed surface of Azeroth, Sargeras decided that the only way to save the universe from the corruption of the void lords was to purge it in flame. Unleashing the demons he had imprisoned, and in the process of doing so transforming himself into a twisted, demonic being of hatred, Sargeras began his Burning Crusade to eradicate all life in the universe. Shortly after the newly-formed Burning Legion eradicated its first world, Aggramar arrived to confront his former master. He demanded an explanation from Sargeras, but when he realized that his words would not sway him, Aggramar challenged the fallen titan to single combat. The battle between the two raged until, in an explosion of fel and arcane power, both of the combatants' blades shattered. Heavily wounded, Aggramar retreated and informed the Pantheon of Sargeras' betrayal.[3]

When the armies of the Pantheon and the Legion confronted one another near the world of Nihilam, Aggramar made one last attempt to reason with Sargeras. He approached his former tutor, unarmed, trying to persuade him by recounting tales of the glorious battles the two had fought. But Sargeras was set in his ways. With a howl of fury and sorrow, the former champion raised his blade and struck Aggramar down, nearly cleaving him in two. Outraged by this murder, the Pantheon launched an all-out assault on Sargeras, but, unable to stand against the fallen titan's fel might, soon perished as well.[3]

In World of Warcraft

WoW Icon 16x16.png This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft.

In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG and is considered non-canon.

Aggramar in the RPG.
The bronze giant stares down impassively, his body wrapped in a gold toga. A huge, oddly-shaped sword is sheathed across his back; the blade almost looks like the broken shard of some larger construction.[6]

Aggramar is a male Vanir titan. His classes are Fighter and Gladiator.[7] He wields a sword called Taeshalach.[6]

Once Sargeras' lieutenant, Aggramar took over Sargeras' position when his superior changed sides. Aggramar is now in charge of combating the Burning Legion and eliminating its demonic taint. Very bland and unemotional, Aggramar is much more cool-headed than his former master. He follows orders and implements tactics in a firm, professional manner, performing all duties as they should be done. The only emotion he feels is hate: he despises Sargeras with every ounce of his metallic blood. This rage could cloud his judgment and be his doom some day.[6]

Aggramar's sword was once part of a larger weapon called Gorshalach ("Dark Render"), which was the most powerful weapon in the universe. Sargeras wielded the mighty blade until his fall, when the weapon, semi-sentient, sundered itself rather than remain in evil's grasp. Aggramar knows that if he ever unites his half, Taeshalach ("Flame Rend"), with Sargeras's half, Gorribal ("Dark Seether"), Gorshalach will be reborn. He desires this weapon greatly, but has not yet had the courage to confront Sargeras.[8]

Aggramar's portfolio is based on eliminating the forces of destruction and dissolution, especially the Burning Legion, and protecting order from entropy through military prowess and combat might. Few on Azeroth know of Aggramar, though as a member of the Pantheon he receives the respect due to all powerful titans. Champions on numerous worlds revere him and cry his name as they charge into battle against the Burning Legion.[8]


Aggramar might be based upon the Norse god Thor the Thunderer, or he could be based upon the war-god Tyr. Thor and Tyr are the greatest of the Aesir's warriors and the generals of the armies of the gods. Intentional or not, Aggramar also draws parallels to Freyr. Freyr is the nemesis of Surtr, who can be equated with Sargeras, and Freyr has the most powerful sword in Nordic mythology, which is also sentient like Taeshalach. Freyr's sword is one of a pair, meant to combat the sword of Surtr in Ragnarok, as Taeshalach is meant to combat Gorribal.


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