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NeutralAlonsus Faol
Image of Alonsus Faol
Title Bishop of Secrets, Archbishop of the Church of Light (former)
Gender Male
Race Undead
Level 107 Elite
Character class Cleric, Priest
Health 5,905,000
Mana 69,200,000
Affiliation(s) Independent
Former affiliation(s) Scourge, Alliance of Lordaeron, Kingdom of Lordaeron, Order of the Silver Hand, Church of the Light, Clerics of Northshire and Brotherhood of Northshire
Occupation Leader of the Church of Light (formerly)
Location Netherlight Temple
Status Undead
Student(s) Benedictus, Uther the Lightbringer, Calia Menethil
Companion(s) Calia Menethil
Not all authority is corrupt or self-serving, young man. There are those of us called to serve by leading, just as your friend here. - To Khadgar about Lothar.

Alonsus Faol was the head of the Holy Order of Northshire Clerics prior to the First War and Archbishop of the Church of the Holy Light during the Second War. He organized the creation of paladins, knights who wielded the Light, to defend the Alliance of Lordaeron. His apprentice Uther became the first paladin and together they founds the Knights of the Silver Hand paladin order.


Tides of Darkness

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Alonsus was present with the other leaders of Lordaeron in the Capital City and to hear Anduin Lothar. Faol was deeply troubled by the loss of the abbey and by the terrible attrition his clerics suffered in that conflict. Aided by his apprentice, Uther Lightbringer, whom he first met when he was just a bishop,[1] Faol created the Knights of the Silver Hand and equipped the followers of the Holy Light with the armaments of war. Alonsus Chapel, in Stratholme, was the site where he anointed Uther as the first of the paladins.[2]

After the Second War

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

After the Second War, in Stormwind City Faol led a ceremony in which Arthas became a paladin of the Silver Hand.[3] Later, he held the position as one of the four jurors during the court of Tirion Fordring in Stratholme. Like the other judges, he was shocked when Tirion admitted his guilt.[4]


Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

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It has been revealed that Faol was raised from the dead as a member of the Scourge. Sometime after, he was able to free himself and has been hiding in the shadows ever since. He has also been working with the Alliance and Moira Thaurissan in her fight against the Twilight's Hammer. In his search, he discovers that Bishop Farthing had been a member of the Twilight's Hammer and that he is planning to use Xal'atath in order to resurrect the killer of Tyr, Zakajz the Corruptor. After Farthing is taken care of, he joins Moira and Velen in Dalaran. From there, the trio journey to Netherlight Temple, an ancient draenei prison for Saraka the Lighteater. There, Alonsus along with the artifact wielder and several other priest were able to cleanse the Naaru, bringing it back to its original state. To celebrate, Alonsus changes the prison into the priest order hall and promotes the artifact wielder as the leader of the order. He also relieved Calia and gave her as an assistant to their new leader. [5][6]


Death and remembrance

The plaque on the monument.
Old Monument in front of the Cathedral of Light.
Old Monument
Former tomb of Alonsus Faol.

Faol died of unknown causes (perhaps simply old age) some time prior to the coming of the Scourge to Lordaeron.[citation needed] His final resting place is presumed to be Faol's Rest, a graveyard in the now-plagued Tirisfal Glades, located near Scarlet Monastery.

A statue and fountain in front of the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City honors all the hard work done by Faol following the Second War, raising funds to help rebuild the city and reestablishing the Brotherhood of Northshire.

Archbishop Alonsus Faol

Benevolent patron of the Church of Light.

Though he began his good work in Stratholme, Lordaeron, Archbishop Faol was a great friend to the people of Stormwind. In the dark days after the Second War, he helped to reform the Brotherhood of Northshire and raised vast funds to rebuild Stormwind city itself.

This Cathedral stands not only as a bastion of the Holy Light, but as a lasting testament to one man's noble spirit and generosity.

In Cataclysm, the "Archbishop Alonsus Faol" plaque was replaced by one dedicated to Uther the Lightbringer.


According to some accounts, the aged Faol fled with the surviving citizens of Stormwind to Lordaeron.[2] Other sources suggest that he was already in Lordaeron during the First War, and only learned about the destruction of Northshire Abbey when he spoke with Lord Lothar in Lordaeron's Capital City.[7]


  • Alonsus was described as being short and stout with a snow-white beard and was compared to Greatfather Winter. He wore ceremonial robes and wielded a staff.
  • He was loved and generous. Many would enjoy his presence, even those who had just met him. He gave encouragement to the wizard Khadgar and Lothar days before the Second War and told Lothar that he had already started to raise funds for rebuilding Stormwind before introducing him to the Paladins.
  • Since becoming undead, Alonsus never sleeps, as it is not required.[8]
  •  [Alonsus Faol's Copper Coin] can be fished from the Dalaran fountain.
  •  [Faol's Signet of Cleansing] is named after him.
  • Alonsus Faol has a Server named after him.
  • He appears to be a planned champion. See  [Follower: Alonsus Faol].

The RPG Icon 16x36.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG and is considered non-canon.

  • His original name, before he became an archbishop, may have been "Farol," changing it sometime after becoming Archbishop. One source credits a character called "Archbishop Farol of Lordaeron" with creating the Knights of the Silver Hand.[9] Although this could have been an error or typo.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.


An aged Archbishop led a ceremony in which Taelan became a paladin. It is unknown whether the Archbishop was Alonsus.

A natural death?

With the new light shed on the agenda of Faol's successor, it is possible that Faol didn't really die of old age, but rather as part of a plot by the Twilight's Hammer and their masters...

It is currently unknown when exactly he died. There are some conflicting sources: Both, Of Blood and Honor (year 19) and Arthas: Rise of the Lich King in which he appeared are set after Day of the Dragon (year 10) which claims that Alonsus is already dead around that time. As Arhas: Rise of the Lich King was released almost 9 years after Day of the Dragon, it can be assumed to be the more up to date account.


It is possible that Alonsus got the idea of paladins from the Tyr's Guard.


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Preceded by:
Archbishop of the Church of Light
Succeeded by:
Benedictus / Twilight Father