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Image of Anshal
Title <Lord of the West Wind>
Gender Male
Race Djinn (Elemental)
Level ?? Boss
10 4,294,600
10H 6,871,360
25 14,601,640
25H 23,362,624
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Throne of the Four Winds
Main article: Conclave of Wind

Anshal is a mighty djinn that commands the winds of the West. His relations with Asaad and The Duke of Zephyrs are unknown.


  • Spell nature regeneration 02.png  Soothing Winds — Summons an area of calm winds (Green circle) on a random friendly target. This area heals all allies for 20000 per second. Any enemies within the area are silenced an pacified while they remain inside the area. This effect lasts for 30 sec.
  • Inv misc trailofflowers.png  Nurture — Summons a Ravenous Creeper nearby every second for 5 sec. Ravenous Creepers have Toxic Spores.
  • Spell shadow demonicempathy.png  Toxic Spores — Spores errupt from the caster every second for 5 seconds, afflicting all enemies within 8 yards with a deadly toxin. This toxin deals 500 Nature damage per second for 5 sec and can stack up 25 times.
  • Spell nature natureguardian.png  Zephyr — (Full energy) Heals all allies within 100 yards for 25000 health per second. In addition, these targets will also gain 15% increased damage for 15 sec. This effect stacks.


It shall be I that earns the favor of our lord by casting out the intruders. My calmest wind shall prove too much for them!
Full power reached
The power of our winds, UNLEASHED!
No one on Platform
You think to outrun the wind? A fatal mistake.
Killing a player
  • Begone, outsiders!
  • Your presence shall no longer defile our home!
Low energy
My power grows feeble, brothers. I shamefully must rely on you for a time.

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