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An Apexis golem within Apexis ruins
Base of operations


Theater of operations

The Apexis were an ancient and now-extinct arakkoan civilization that attained a height of power during the Age of Order before abruptly vanishing.[1]

They had their own language.[2]


This civilization resided in the Spires of Arak, as well as Vortex Summit in the region now called Blade's Edge Mountains.

It is unknown what happened to them, although some quests say that the Apexis Guardians built by the Apexis turned against their masters.[3] Their name lives on in the Apexis Crystals and Apexis Shards, which can be found all over Draenor. Apexis Monuments, with four smaller relics surrounding them, are set in a number of places on the plateau. Apexis ruins also seem to surround the Outcast city of Skettis, as well as locations within Arak like the Nest of the Ravenspeakers and Lost Veil Anzu.

Apexis technology is solar powered. The Adherents of Rukhmar scour Draenor for artifacts left behind by this ancient society and use their technology in their war against the Arakkoa Outcasts. They claim it is given to them by the will of Rukhmar, but in truth they stumbled upon locations like the Apexis Excavation on accident.[4]

The Apexis had blueprints for a flying "Temple in the Sky", but it is unclear if they ever actually built it.[5] If the Temple in the Sky was built, that may be where they vanished to.

The ogres of Ogri'la seek to gain an understanding of the Apexis Relics and wish to benefit from the observations of the adventurers who give their aid to Ogri'la.

At the end of the Adherents of Rukhmar's genocidal campaign, both high and cursed arakkoas came to realize that the Apexis had known that having light and darkness in equal measure was natural. Only together could the arakkoas survive whatever the future holds for them.[6]


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