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HordeAponi Brightmane
Image of Aponi Brightmane
Title <Paladin Trainer>
Gender Female
Race Tauren (Humanoid)
Level 80
Character class Cataclysm Paladin
WotLK Warrior
Health 46,426
Mana 7,988
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Horde, Thunder Bluff, Sunwalkers, The Silver Hand
Occupation Leader of the Sunwalkers[1]
Location Elder Rise, Thunder Bluff[76, 28]
Status Alive

Aponi Brightmane is a level 80 tauren paladin trainer found on Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff. She leads the tauren Sunwalkers after rediscovering the powers of An'she.


Wrath of the Lich King

WotLK This section concerns content exclusive to Wrath of the Lich King.

Initially a warrior of the tauren tribes, Aponi Brightmane was sent to Icecrown during the War against the Lich King. There she sustained a grave injury that rendered her unfit for combat and was sent back home to Thunder Bluff, much to her disappointment as she truly wanted to help her people and the Horde during the war. It was during this time that she and her friend Tahu Sagewind started to ponder upon the nature of the Earthmother and how taurens have been druids since the start of time. However all they know about druidism is from the teachings of the night elves, which are creatures of the night. The other eye of the Earthmother An'she - the sun - was however completely forgotten. As Tahu realized this he pondered what could happen should taurens start to harness the power of the sun granted by the second eye of the Earthmother. It was this small realization what sets in motion the genesis of the Tauren priests and paladin order. Tahu ended up abandoning his druidic path and became the first tauren priest, while Aponi abandons her warrior ways and became the first tauren paladin, in an order now known as the Sunwalkers.


During the Elemental Unrest, Aponi defended Hunter Rise from the elemental attacks.

After the Cataclysm, Aponi became a paladin trainer and instructs young tauren sunwalkers.


Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

After the fall of Tirion Fordring, Aponi Brightmane joins the Order of the Silver Hand serving its new leader.




Aponi Brightmane as she first appeared in Wrath of the Lich King
Aponi Brightmane defending Thunder Bluff

The light of the Sun illuminates the path to wisdom. Where shall we walk today, friend?

During Wrath of the Lich King 

This is awful! I shouldn't be sitting here, useless, when there's so much to be done! If only my arm hadn't gotten injured up in Northrend... No use dwelling on it, though! Tahu will have me patched up and cured eventually, and we'll still help around here in the meanwhile.

Just because we're not at the front doesn't mean we can't help out somehow.

Conversation between Tahu Sagewind and Aponi Brightmane during Wrath of the Lich King
Aponi Brightmane says: Talk to me, Tahu. Something. Anything! I'm going stir-crazy.
Tahu Sagewind laughs softly
Tahu Sagewind says: All right, Aponi. I've enough on my mind to share. Have you ever spoken to the elves of Moonglade?
Aponi Brightmane says: Not much.
Tahu Sagewind says: The elves speak of a moon goddess, did you know? They put great stock in the light given by the moon.
Aponi Brightmane says: Like Mu'sha.
Tahu Sagewind says: Just like her. The parallels I've heard are interesting. And it's no secret all druids, Shu'halo and elf alike, can call upon Mu'sha's light.
Aponi Brightmane says: Where are you going with this?
Tahu Sagewind says: I wonder. Hamuul has guided us well, and I've learned so much from. The legends say that our people were druids when time began...
Aponi Brightmane says: I hear the "but" in your voice...
Tahu Sagewind says: ...but what Hamuul teaches is what the elves know. The night elves. They put such stock in their moon goddess, as creatures of the night.
Aponi Brightmane says: Do you think his teachings are wrong?
Tahu Sagewind says: No! No, nothing like that. He is an elder for good reason, sister. Mu'sha is one of the Earthmother's eyes, and she watches over us. That isn't sinister.
Tahu Sagewind says: But we're nothing if not people who strive for balance. Our warriors fight only when there is need. Our hunters take only what the tribes require to live, and use all they can when they do. The shaman stand as guide and mediator to the elemental spirits.
Tahu Sagewind says: And while we, as druids, are guardians of nature, I wonder if we've overlooked a key aspect of balance in all things.
Aponi Brightmane says: So are you going to bring this up to the elder?
Tahu Sagewind says: No, no. No need for him to trouble about a student's idle philosophizing while he entertains a friend.
Aponi Brightmane says: I suppose so. It's not silly, though, what you said.
Tahu Sagewind says: Well, it isn't exactly a new thought, sister.
Aponi Brightmane says: I see that thoughtful frown, Tahu.
Tahu Sagewind says: Sorry, sister. It's nothing to worry about.
Aponi Brightmane says: But something is on your mind, right?
Tahu Sagewind says: I'm thinking about the front to the north. The one you're so eager to return to.
Aponi Brightmane says: What about it?
Tahu Sagewind says: I know I'm counseling patience, Aponi, but I don't like remaining here any more than you do. Times are bleak, and failing to act only makes me worry that my idle hand may have been the one to turn the tide.
Tahu Sagewind says: Still... there is balance in all things, even death. I simply hate the concept that such destruction and darkness might be necessary.
Aponi Brightmane says: There's a phrase... "It's always darkest before the dawn." The dawn will come, though, Tahu. the sun will rise. The balance will shift back to where it should be.
Aponi Brightmane smiles and gestures to the north.
Aponi Brightmane says: Even on the glacier itself, the sun manages to peek through the gloom. I have hope, Tahu. I think we'll make it through this, no matter how dire it looks.
Aponi Brightmane says: But I'd rather still be there on the front lines helping it happen rather than trying to placate myself with belief. We can't just sit around and hope it happens.
Tahu Sagewind says: I know, sister. I know. We'll return to fighting one day. For now, though, maybe it's best to spread the word to others... give them the hope you have.
Aponi Brightmane says: And through that hope, strengthen our side in the fight?
Tahu Sagewind says: That's the idea.


  • Aponi is one of the two Horde-affiliated paladin leaders, the other being Lady Liadrin, matriarch and supreme leader of the Blood Knight order. Interestingly, during the pre-Cataclysm launch event, Aponi was seen wearing the tier 9 Horde paladin gear, bearing Liadrin's namesake.
  • Her first name could be a reference to the repeated player "complaints" about class changes that Blizzard employees have to deal with, even prompting Ghostcrawler to coin the phrase "GHOSTCRAWLER PROMISED ME A PONY."[2]

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