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Image of Arra'chea
Race Kodo (Beast)
Level 11 Rare
Health 444
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Mulgore

Arra'chea is a level 11 named kodo who can be found roaming the hills just east of Thunder Bluff. Its horn was once sought by Cairne Bloodhoof.


  • Head Butt (Stuns an enemy, rendering it unable to move or attack for 2 sec.)
  • Charge (Charges the enemy.)


  • Arra'chea hits much harder and has more health than most other level 11 creatures. [citation needed]
    Arra'chea's Path
  • Arra'chea is sometimes hard to find. It spawns near the northeast corner of Thunder Bluff and follows a clockwise circular path around the plains of Mulgore.

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