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This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

The Bladewind clan was an orcish clan that resided south of Goria.

They initially resisted and opposed the commands of Kil'jaeden through Ner'zhul.[1] However, later Gul'dan approached one of their villages as a representative of the Shadowmoon clan and convinced them that the draenei were responsible for the red pox and elemental woes the orcs were suffering. The orcs all respected the Shadowmoon and the Bladewind had no reason to question Gul'dan. Eager to change their fortunes, they formed raiding parties and began attacking draenei caravans. They killed dozens of draenei and captured even more. Among the prisoners was a draenei female, Leran, the sister of Vindicator Maraad. Draenei scouts reported the Bladewind sacrificing their prisoners in gruesome rituals to appease the elements and Maraad urged the draenei to save the prisoners, his sister included. He led the assault on the Bladewind, but by the time they arrived, Leran and the others were dead. The sight of his sister's body sent Maraad into a rage and he rampaged through the village. From a distance Gul'dan watched as fire engulfed their settlement, and he murdered the survivors so they would never tell what had occurred. Only his events would survive: he claimed the draenei had attacked unprovoked and killed men, women, young, and old.[2] While a prisoner of the Bladewind clan, Leran sired Garona Halforcen with a Bladewind warrior.[3]

Over the following years, the Bladewind clan fought with the Warsong clan in small skirmishes.[4] After the Second War, Ner'zhul attempted to rally the clans with the promise of new worlds to escape to and the Bladewinds fell in line with the reforged Horde.[5]

Notable members