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Western Val'sharah

Sources: World of Warcraft: Legion

Bradensbrook is a Gilnean village in Val'sharah. The village was founded by residents of Pyrewood Village fleeing the Scourge during the Third War.


When the Scourge swept through Silverpine Forest during the Third War, the residents of Pyrewood Village sought shelter within Gilneas but found the gates of the Greymane Wall closed to them. Purchasing a ship called the Sea Wolf, many of the residents set sail for Stormwind to escape the undead. Unfortunately, a storm blew their ship off course. They sailed aimlessly through the Great Sea for several weeks before another storm caused them to shipwreck on the shores of a mysterious island near an ancient fortress. Since their ship was unsalvageable, and the land plentiful, they built the village of Bradensbrook and settled down.

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