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Image of Buniq
Gender Female
Race Taunka
Character class Hunter
Location Galakrond's Rest
Status Deceased (Ghost at Galakrond's Rest)
Relative(s) Akiak (mate)

Buniq was a taunka of Taunka'le village and the mate of Akiak. She had been lost in either the Borean Tundra or the Dragonblight when she was trying to find a relic to prove herself worthy of Akiak. Akiak had been out searching for her when he found the undead tauren Trag Highmountain. When Akiak traveled with Trag to the Dragonblight, they found her body next to the remains of the great proto-dragon Galakrond, impaled by the spear of a magnataur.[1]

Buniq's spirit would later appear before Kalecgos when he traveled to Galakrond's Rest in an attempt to return a cursed artifact he had found. Buniq uncovered a severed hand in the snow that held a small orb, telling Kalec some things should not remain buried before vanishing.[2] When Jaina Proudmoore was called to Galakrond's Rest and found the hole Kalec had dug, Buniq again appeared. She informed Jaina that after Kalec left, someone else appeared to investigate the hole.[3] Jaina theorized that Buniq's "ghost" was actually Tyr in disguise.[4] However, this seems unlikely as Tyr had died long beforehand in the Tirisfal Glades.[5]

Buniq (referred to as the Friendly Taunka Spirit) would later appear before a paladin adventurer who sought to recover a Spark of Tyr in order to claim  [The Silver Hand]. She directed the paladin to Jotun.[6]

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