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Character class

Wandering Brewmaster




Chon Po (brother), Xiu Li (sister-in-law), Shisai (nephew), Li Li (niece), Mab, Liao, Auntie (ancestors)
Gao, Evie, Han, Big Dan, Mama (distant relatives)

May your spirit be raised, and always raise your spirits.[1]

Chen Stormstout is a legendary pandaren brewmaster from the Wandering Isle who left his home to journey the lands, searching for exotic ingredients for his ever-evolving concoctions. A skilled brewer and very powerful monk, Chen enjoys taking life easy as he travels from place to place. He truly made a name for himself when he joined Rexxar and Rokhan during The Founding of Durotar, helping the new nation against Admiral Proudmoore. Chen continued his travels while staying mostly out of major affairs for several years until Pandaria was revealed to the rest of the world. With his niece Li Li, he joined the Horde and Alliance in exploring the rediscovered continent. Chen serves as a major character during Pandaria's storyline and the subsequent Darkspear Rebellion.


Early Life

Chen Stormstout was born and raised on the Wandering Isle, a massive landmass on the back of the giant turtle Shen-zin Su. Because of this, he was unable to visit his ancestral homeland of Pandaria. On the Wandering Isle, he developed his superior fighting skills and the desire to explore and discover new lands (and new ingredients for his legendary brews) like the traveling pandaren who left Pandaria thousands of years past.[2] Chen often visited the Wood of Staves to get inspiration.

During his days training as a fighter, Chen was close friends with Strongbo. The two both knew that some day they would challenge each other to decide who would be the master of the Wandering Isle's martial arts school, taking the position of "Geomaster". However, over time Chen grew a sense of wanderlust and would often laze about daydreaming. Bo attempted to tell him that all they would need was at their home. They had an argument, and on the day of their challenge Chen did not appear - he had left the island, leaving behind his friends and family. His brother, Chon Po Stormstout, also feels abandoned, as leaving the island caused Chen to miss his brother's wedding, as well as other important events.

The Founding of Durotar

WC3RoC logo 16x32.png This section concerns content exclusive to Warcraft III.

Chen Stormstout in Warcraft III.
Chen Stormstout in Warcraft III.

Chen's journeys eventually brought him to the land of Durotar, and his latest brew had a plethora of strange ingredients that he feared would be too hard to acquire. He almost lost hope for his recipe when he was met by Rexxar the travelling Beastmaster. Chen asked Rexxar to retrieve the ingredients for his brew - a barrel of Thunderwater, the egg of a thunder phoenix, and a sprig of thunderbloom.

Chen was overjoyed when Rexxar returned with the ingredients, and then mixed his special brew and offered some to Rexxar, who nearly toppled over from the shock of the volatile beverage! Then Rexxar asked if Chen was trying to kill him, probably in the rhetorical sense but possibly not.

Chen surmised that he would have to further examine the recipe, having completed one phase of his journey, Chen decided to pause his brewing and join Rexxar's adventure, so that he might better appreciate this beautiful, rugged land he had found himself in.[3]

Chen and company went on a secret mission to Theramore Island to help the Horde find out why the humans were attacking them. They met with Jaina Proudmoore, who decided to help them out, after seeing what her father had done.[4] Chen helped Rexxar to defend Thrall and Durotar from Kul Tiras incursions. When the Horde was prepared they launched an attack that ended with the death of Grand Admiral Proudmoore.[5]

After the battle Chen spent some time in Durotar teaching the brewmaster ways to the mentor of Brewmaster Drohn before travelling on.[6] No one knows where he left afterwards, but several of his empty kegs have been found scattered throughout the Barrens.[7] Like the rest of his people, he maintained his independence, joining neither the Horde nor the Alliance.


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WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

Chen found his way to Dun Morogh and the famous Grimbooze Thunderbrew, challenging the dwarf to a drinking contest to decide who was the better brewer. In the end, when the two were nearly passed out, Chen declared Grimbooze to be superior. However, Grimbooze liked Chen's beer more. After a brief and lighthearted argument, the two decided to hold a contest in Dun Morogh for all dwarves to taste their drinks and decide. Coren Direbrew whined his way into getting a position in the contest as well. In the end, Chen and Grimbooze were neck-in-neck where Coren only had two votes, one from himself and one from Chen out of pity. The Dark Iron attacked then in anger, and Chen fought him off. Grimbooze's brew was declared the victor by a single vote. This contest Chen helped to establish was the origin of Brewfest. When Chen traveled onward, he left behind his Jug of a Thousand Cups with Grimbooze.

Some time later, Chen was on a boat departing from Stormwind that was attacked by a group of privateers. They found him sleeping below deck, though when attempting to rob him Chen fought them off swiftly. However, what Chen did not see was a small box in his possession being stolen by a gnome in the privateer crew. The box held a slip of paper reading "Thunderbrew", the vote he originally would have cast during the drinking contest before deciding to vote for Coren Direbrew instead.

In Stonetalon Mountains, Chen went off searching for a rare ingredient, indellium hops, for his brews. He came across goblin machines clear-cutting a swath of destruction through the valley forest where the last of the indellium grew. With the help of a Keeper of the Grove, Keeper Orremin, Chen fought the goblins off but the damage had been done: only two clusters of the hops had survived. Orremin offered a handful of hops in return for saving them, but as it was so rare Chen declined taking it from the valley.

Chen would come across an orc Blademaster named Rahjak, who was looking for great fighters. Chen won the fight, but little did he know how it would come back to haunt him. Humiliated, Rahjak ventured to Outland and drink demon blood, becoming a fel orc so he could have power to win next time.

He fought alongside King Magni Bronzebeard for at least part of the Third War and was declared a friend of Ironforge.

Once, Chen was held captive by three ogres who argued if he would taste like bear, rabbit, or crow. Chen suggested they each go hunt one of those animals to have the tastes fresh in their minds for when they ate Chen, and he would also brew beer for them. The ogres did so, cooking their meals, and Chen brewed their beer. After a night of eating, drinking, and partying, Chen - as the only sober one in the group - got up and walked away to freedom.[8]

He also participated in a drinking contest with four dwarves at Aerie Peak. He had also explored the land formerly known as southern Swamp of Sorrows, now called Blasted Lands.[9] That indicates that he wandering the land even before the First War.

In World of Warcraft

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Chen's existence is hinted at when Horde players find any of the many  [Chen's Empty Keg] scattered around the Barrens. Finding one of these kegs can start a player on the short H [15] Chen's Empty Keg quest chain (3 quests) from Horde [9]  Brewmaster Drohn who also gives a few bits of lore.

He will also send the player a letter containing the  [Pandaren Monk] pet if they purchased it.

Pandaren Monk

I would like to introduce you to a long-time friend of mine: you will find this kindly pandaren monk is a most wonderful traveling companion.

May he lead you to new adventures across the face of Azeroth and beyond!

 -- Chen Stormstout

It would be revealed years later that, presumably after the Dark Portal was reopened, Chen also traveled to Outland. There, he met the draenei, and spent some time there before eventually returning to Azeroth.[10]

Li Li's Travel Journal (Part 1-4)

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Chen's letters to his niece, Li Li Stormstout, are what spark her desires to explore her home, and eventually beyond.

Chen Stormstout in Pearl of Pandaria.

Pearl of Pandaria

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After following in Chen's tracks, his niece Li Li was kidnapped by Rahjak and brought to an island where Zhahara Darksquall demanded to know where she could find the Pearl of Pandaria. Miraculously, Chen appeared out of nowhere on a  [X-53 Touring Rocket] just in time to save his old friend Bo from dying to Rahjak's sword. Bo was bleeding heavily from his torso, but Rahjak and Chen dueled, climaxing with Chen's [Storm, Earth and Fire] spell against the Blademaster's [Mirror Image]. Chen was able to steal the orc's sword at just the right moment, throwing it to spear Zhahara through the chest to save Li Li from her. Rahjak attempted to attack Chen from behind, but he was stabbed by Bo.

Bo and Chen greeted each other after many years apart, but Bo was dying and knew it. He asked Chen to take Li Li home to the Wandering Isle, and the two left on Chen's rocket he had come to the island on as his old friend died watching the sunrise. Chen greeted his brother Chon Po and the rest of the Wandering Isle's citizens as he returned home for the first time in years. Li Li asked if someday they would go looking for Pandaria, and Chen decided that for the time being he was just happy to be home.

Quest for Pandaria

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Li Li's Travel Journal (Part 5-11)

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

Mists of Pandaria

Chen Stormstout by Glenn Rane.
Chen Stormstout in Valley of the Four Winds.

MoP This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

Chen Stormstout appears in, and narrates, the opening cinematic of the expansion, in which he interrupts a battle at the Shrine of Fellowship between a shipwrecked orc warrior and a human sea captain whose vessels had annihilated each other off the coast of Pandaria. Using his superior martial prowess he forces them to team up against him, and ultimately makes them realize the beauty of their surroundings, putting an end to the conflict.[11]

To ask why we fight... ... is to ask why the leaves fall. It is in their nature. Perhaps, there is a better question.
Why do we fight? To protect Home, and Family... To preserve Balance, and bring Harmony[sic]
For my kind, the true question is: What is worth fighting for?

When Chen arrived to Pandaria, the Temple of the Jade Serpent was attacked by saurok. Chen, alongside Li Li, arrived to the temple and he helped the local pandaren by driving back enemy saurok's forces, defeating their leader and returning stolen jade. All what he asked in return was a serpent ride for Li Li. He also traded stories, won a drinking contest and a brawl outside the Drunken Hozen at Dawn's Blossom. After these events, they moved on to the Valley of the Four Winds.

Chen is particularly involved in the beginning quests of the Valley of the Four Winds, where he is visiting Pandaria for the first time with his niece, Li Li, his distant family's brewery, Stormstout Brewery as well as the dungeon encompassing the building. Other than exploring Pandaria, Chen's goal appears to be to reestablish contact with the Pandaria Stormstout branch, having been separated when Shen-zin Su stopped returning to the mainland. As he and Li Li are visiting farms in the valley they met a pandaren called Mudmug, from whom they learned about the Stormstout Brewery. Chen visits the brewery but found Uncle Gao who seems to be jealous of Stormstouts. After having defeated the enemies in the brewery, Chen returned to Li Li and Mudmug and set out to Halfhill, from where the trio and an adventurer created a new ale. After this, Chen declared Mudmug to be his "beer brother" and headed towards the Stormstout Brewery. However, the brewery was filled by alementals and hozen. After clearing the entrance, Chen himself headed into the brewery.

At the very conclusion of the Valley of the Four Winds storyline, the Shado-Pan face the invasion of the Mantid who break through the Serpent's Spine. When all hope seemed lost, it was Chen Stormstout who saved the day. Chen was instrumental in the defense of Stoneplow village. Alongside Mudmug and his niece Li Li, Chen had successfully rallied not only the scattered pandaren population of the Valley of the Four Winds, but also managed to unite, albeit temporarily, a group of Night Elf Sentinel Castaways with a cadre of Tauren Sunwalkers to cooperate and work together to defend Stoneplow Village from the invasion of the Mantid. This marked the first time Alliance and Horde forces had fought together side by side for a common cause since the Battle of Angrathar the Wrathgate.

While having a drink at The Lazy Turnip, Chen was also asked by the adventurer on behalf of Ella to taste her brew. Chen liked it and recommended that Ella could speak with Uncle Gao about joining the Stormstout Brewery. Chen and Li Li are also present during the Wanderer's Festival at Turtle Beach in the Krasarang Wilds after Li Li found its location during one of her adventures.

After hearing that the rest of the Stormstouts on Pandaria had traveled beyond the Serpent's Spine to fight the mantid, Chen went after them. Big Dan Stormstout was found sleeping at the Sunset Brewgarden in the Dread Wastes. Chen then found the body of Evie Stormstout, who was slain by the mantid. Taking her body to a secluded grove by the northern cliffs, Chen had a short funeral for the young girl.

Chen Stormstout says: They say your name was Evie.
Chen Stormstout says: They say you were a sweet girl.
Chen Stormstout says: I never knew you... but you were family.
Chen Stormstout says: May your journey in the next world be filled with joy and beauty.
Chen Stormstout says: Farewell, Evie Stormstout.

Upon leaving,

Chen Stormstout says: She looked like Li Li.

Chen then finds Han Stormstout encased in amber beneath Kor'vess. Assuming him dead within the amber, Chen drags the amber block to the Sunset Brewgarden.

He later finds Mama Stormstout in a chamber beneath the Heart of Fear being mind controlled by the mantid.

Mama Stormstout says: I... wah... where? What is going on?
Chen Stormstout says: You were being mind-controlled by some sort of malevolent ancient insect creature.
Mama Stormstout says: Oh that. Bah, I've been through worse. And who exactly are you?
Chen Stormstout says: I am Chen Stormstout. From the Wandering Isle.
Mama Stormstout says: STORMSTOUT? No. You're foolin'. Really? A Wandering Isle Stormstout, here, on Pandaria! Where's the rest of the family?
Chen Stormstout says: I'll explain on the way back to the Sapmasters.

Upon returning to the Sunset Brewgarden, the Pandaren brewers use their newest brew made from the sap of the Heart of Fear to melt the amber around Han.

Han Stormstout says: ...

He's alive! It seems that contrary to what Chen thought, the suspended animation qualities of amber don't just work on mantid. Speak to him:

<Han is encased in a tomb of amber.>
Gossip <Pour some of the Dreadbrew onto Han's amber, just to see what happens.>
The amber instantly liquefies and dissolves, releasing Han.
Han Stormstout yells: AAAAAHHHHH!
Han Stormstout says: AAAAAHHHHH!
Han Stormstout says: What happened? Last I remember I was...
Han Stormstout says: Ugh, what did you pour on me? It's disgusting!
Han Stormstout says: Gotta calm down now... a little confused... just need to focus.
Han Stormstout says: W-whoa... what's that thing? Do you want to fight!? Why am I so dizzy? I'm going to... going to...
He throws up.
Han Stormstout yells: WHHARRGLBLRRGLBRGL
Han falls asleep where he stands.

Chen can be found near the grave of Evie Stormstout, along with Big Dan, Mama, Han and Li Li.


MoP This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

In Binan Village, Chen is seen taking care of Vol'jin after the events of the Dagger in the Dark scenario. He tasks the player with gathering needles to help Vol'jin deal with the poison in his body, and afterwards takes the troll to Shado-pan Monastery to recuperate.

Shadows of the Horde

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

Chen Stormstout fighting alongside Vol'jin.

After saving Vol'jin and bringing him to the Shado-Pan Monastery, Chen watched his friend heal alongside a human named Tyrathan Khort while helping the Shado-Pan with daily chores, such as sweeping snow off the monastery's steps. He grew close to Yalia Sagewhisper, meeting her family in Zouchin Village and then helping the villagers escape when the Zandalari trolls attacked.

After returning from the Isle of Thunder, Chen helped defend the Shado-Pan Monastery against a Zandalari attack, as part of The Thirty-three.


MoP This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

Chen joins Vol'jin when the Darkspear Chieftain returns to Durotar and begins the Darkspear Rebellion. After reuniting with Thrall, Sen'jin Village becomes attacked by Hellscream's Kor'kron forces. As the fighting erupts, Chen and Thrall work together, as Horde adventurers help push back the assault. With the Kor'kron invasion failing Vol'jin then rallies his forces for an attack on Razor Hill. While Thrall journeys to Orgrimmar to find dissidents against Hellscream, Chen decides to aid the Darkspear in taking Razor Hill for the rebellion. After the people of Razor Hill join the rebellion, Chen joins Vol'jin at the Razor Hill watch tower and directs any adventurer helping the shadow hunter to Pandaria to help an old sage up a mountain.

Timeless Isle

MoP This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

Chen can be found in the Celestial Court on the Timeless Isle with Li Li.


Notable appearances
Location Level Health
Valley of the Four Winds 85 4,742,370
Stormstout Brewery 86 5,530,500
Stoneplow 87 6,449,550
Stormstout Brewery 86 - 92 6,449,550 - 12,647,760
Krasarang Wilds 90 393,941
Dread Wastes 90 11,818,230
Binan Village 90 11,818,230
Timeless Isle 86 5,530,500
Celestial Tournament 90 393,941


Chen is involved in the following quests in the Valley of the Four Winds:


  • Heyo.
  • Is trouble brewing?
  • You seem a little parched.
  • Hah, he-hey!
  • Sit down, have a drink.
  • So, got any stories?
  • Oh yeah! This stuff'll put hair all over you.
  • You know what is better than drinking a beer? Brewing your own beer. And then drinking it. And then... Drinking another beer. And then, punching somebody in the snout! That's what!
  • To ask why I drink is to ask why I am fat. It is because I drink. Perhaps there is a better question.
  • Why do I drink? To quench my thirst. To lower my inhibitions. To make women appear more attractive.
  • For my kind, the true question is: Where is the bathroom?
  • May your journey be long.
  • Aye, travel well.
  • Heh, all right. Until next time.
  • Come back with some stories.

Valley of the Four Winds

Pang's Stead

It is good to see another explorer! When some people discover a new land, they immediately seek out the fortresses and temples.
Not me.
To get the measure of a people, you need to get your feet dirty. Come, walk the land with me! Let us see what these mainland pandaren truly value.
It is the Wanderer's Way.

These pandaren farmers are entertaining folk! A very tight-knit community. Everyone knows one another.
It is very different from the big cities in Kalimdor or the Eastern Kingdoms.

Thunderfoot Ranch

It looks like our paths have crossed again, <name>. At a pig farm, of all places.
I enjoy this valley. It almost feels like... home. The green fields, the big sky... I have even heard mention that there's a big brewery down the road. Maybe it is time I settled down once and for all.
<Chen looks off into the distance for a few long seconds, then shrugs his shoulders.>
Or maybe not.

Shang's Stead

Greetings, <name>. Are you as thirsty as I am?

Mudmug's Place

My niece Li Li is so impatient to explore Pandaria. But one never learns a new land by rushing headlong from place to place. It is important to talk to everyone you meet, to experience a place until it becomes part of your soul.
It is the Wanderer's Way!

Li Li does not understand why I always stop to sample the local brews. But in my experience, you can learn a lot about a people by what they drink!
Have you tried mainland pandaren ales? Very crisp, very dark. One sip and you know that they are brewed to be savored slowly. It is the drink of a people that are in no hurry, who enjoy time with their friends.
What do YOU drink, <class>? And what would it tell me about you, hm?

If you spent enough time here in the valley, perhaps you could make friends with all the locals. Maybe even some day settle down with a farm plot of your own.
Imagine that - YOU, the world-weary <class>, settling down to manage a farm!
<Chen closes his eyes and laughs a deep belly-laugh.>


Embrace the Wanderer's Way! It is not so much a course of action as it is an attitude.
Every one you meet is a story. Every place you go is an adventure. Every drink you have is the best you've ever tasted.
This is not such a bad life, is it?

Why are you always in such a rush, <name>? It is like you dash madly from one stranger in need to another, bent on gaining new experiences.
Life is not simply a glass you fill up! Stay a while, and enjoy the places you discover!

My family left mainland Pandaria to explore the world on the back of the Wandering Isle. That was many generations ago.
But I have learned that there are other Stormstouts, here, on Pandaria! My long-lost family. What are they like? Do they still brew, as I do? Are they adventurers, like you and I?

Outside Stormstout Brewery

I wouldn't mind settling down in a place like this. Great views, plenty of beer... and lots of stuff to fight.


You were surrendering? Why? Because these invaders can break down a wall? You have got another wall... and it's made up of the people who call this place HOME.
Any one of us would lay down our life to protect this land. This land, it belongs to us... It belongs to our ancestors... It belongs to our children.
And we are not about to let that change.

Wanderer's Festival

Here's a real surprise for you. What do you suppose they're celebrating? And what do you think would be the proper drink to mark the occasion?

Battlefield: Barrens

Years ago, I helped put the Horde together on these very sands. My... how times have changed.
Gossip What are you doing here, Chen Stormstout?
<Name>! So strange to see you here, far from the green forests of Pandaria.
When I first sailed away from the Wandering Isle, years ago, this ragged shore was one of the first places I visited. Ahh! The air still smells the same!
But times have changed. Back then I helped Thrall, Vol'jin, Rexxar and Rokhan to lay the foundation for Orgrimmar. Today, I hardly recognize the place.
<Chen's face falls.>
So much needless bloodshed. I just don't understand. Has Pandaria taught us nothing?

Timeless Isle

  • There is no greater joy than walking the world, writing your story.
It is the wanderer's way.
  • Your story continues on, friend.
It is a story worth reading.
  • An occasion like this calls for a drink!
  • You fight like a true <race>.
  • May your brews be strong, and your heart stronger.


  • "May your spirit be raised, and always raise your spirits."[12]
  • "My people have an ancient proverb: it is wise to let sleeping pandaren lie. This proverb is ancient for a reason."[13]


  • Perhaps Chen's most well-known relative is his niece Li Li Stormstout. Li Li's father Chon Po is Chen's brother.
  • The progenitor of the Wandering Isle Stormstouts is Liao Stormstout, who was brought aboard by his mother Mab at a young age. This was probably during Liu Lang's fourth visit to Pandaria in the 20th year of his journey. The fact that The Wandering Widow was placed in front of the family brewery indicates that the Stormstouts of the day wanted to ensure that their descendants would always remember that they have family on the Wandering Isle.
  • Naturally, all living Stormstouts by blood on Pandaria are distant relatives of Chen.
This section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported
by lore or by Blizzard officials, on characters that might be related.
It should not be taken as representing official lore.


  • Chen Stormstout did not come from the hidden land of Pandaria, but rather the Wandering Isle.[14] The knowledge that there are native Stormstout on Pandaria means that there are two branches of the Stormstout family, with one branch relocating to Shen-zin Su, and the main branch remaining behind on Pandaria.
  • Chen hates being interrupted when he is knocking on doors.[15]
  • Chen was originally depicted with green eyes. When Mists of Pandaria and Pearl of Pandaria were in development, Blizzard's artists learned that green eyes are believed to be a sign of demonic corruption among certain Asian cultures. In the interest of being sensitive to those cultures, Chen's eyes were changed to gold.[16]
  • Chen Stormstout appears as a neutral ally in the World of Warcraft TCG set Fires of Outland. His card can be used by both Horde and Alliance players.[17]
  • Several of Chen's humorous click-on quotes are a play on his narration in the opening cinematic of Mists of Pandaria.
  • The model of Chen used in the Mists of Pandaria cinematic is significantly detailed. His head alone has around 33,000 hair follicles. In comparison to the cinematics from Diablo III, all of the individual hair strands from both the Deckard Cain and Leah cinematics characters would fit in the space of an eye socket on cinematic Chen.
  • Chen is voiced by Keone Young in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.
  • Chen appears as a playable hero in Heroes of the Storm.


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