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The Council of the Black Harvest is a council of the six greatest warlocks of Azeroth. After Deathwing was defeated, they gathered together to teach all warlocks advanced forms of magic stolen from their defeated foes.[1] These powers would be shared with each other to further aid their kind against any future threats to Azeroth.[2] Their order hall is the conquered Legion world of Dreadscar Rift.


At first, the six warlocks refused to cooperate, tossing blame and bickering as easily as curses. Finally, after several nights, the human Kanrethad Ebonlocke spoke out about how the Alliance, the Horde, and various organizations around the world such as the Knights of the Ebon Blade had trained for war and kept getting stronger and stronger over time. He told them that they needed to do the same and that together, they would become more powerful than they would have ever been alone.[3]

After much debate, it was decided that each warlock would be partnered with another in order to obtain new powers, that would then be shared with the rest of the Council. Although not every warlock in the Council liked each other, they knew that what they would be doing would greatly benefit them all. To make sure greed did not set in with individual members, it was agreed that any warlock that broke the contract, failed to return, or returned alone, would be struck down by the rest of the Council and their soul would be banished forever.



Each of the original members witnessed one of the great threats to Azeroth.

Name Role Description Status
Alliance & Horde The First of the Black Harvest Leader of the Black Harvest Netherlord, and Overlord of the Dreadscar Alive
 Kanrethad Ebonlocke Former leader Kept in banishment after going mad with power. Kanrethad was there when Illidan was destroyed. He shared the secrets of his transformation with the rest of the Council. Defeatable-Banished
 Ritssyn Flamescowl Master warlock Ritssyn was there in the Firelands when Ragnaros was vanquished. He was greatly burned by the flames of the Firelord and has now a permanent mane of felfire. Alive
 Jubeka Shadowbreaker Master warlock Jubeka was Kanrethad's partner on Outland and the one to banish him after he transformed into a demon. Active
 Shinfel Blightsworn Master warlock Shinfel fought in the battle against Cho'gall. Her blood was corrupted by his dark magics and her arms are now covered in black marks left behind by the corruption that had erupted from her skin. Alive
 Zinnin Smythe Master warlock Zinnin witnessed Deathwing being unmade. He has not spoken a word since. Alive
 Zelifrax Wobblepox Former master summoner Killed by the pit lord Jagganoth during a failed ritual of summoning. Deceased
 Kira Iresoul (Second of the Black Harvest)* Newest member. Ex-apprentice to Ritssyn, she's in possession of a powerful bloodstone Alive
 Lulubelle Fizzlebang Master summoner

(Second of the Black Harvest)*

Newest member. Sister of Wilfred Fizzlebang Alive

* The First of the Black Harvest chose his Second between Kira Iresoul and Lulubelle Fizzlebang.


Class Campaign

Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.


After the Battle for the Broken Shore, the Council of the Black Harvest sought out a powerful warlock to take place as the Sixth member of the Council, having since lost Kanrethad. They met in the sewers of Dalaran that the Council had infiltrated by summoning in a large numbers of imps and other demons to keep the guards busy. Their goal was to open a portal into the deepest parts of the Twisting Nether, and bind a powerful demon to their will in order to grow stronger against the Burning Legion.[5]

Dreadscar Rift

However, as the powerful pit lord named Jagganoth answered their call, Zelifrax Wobblepox, who led the ritual, started stuttering, causing the demon to break free and smite the gnome on the spot. The pit lord then took the five remaining members captive on his personal Legion world, Dreadscar Rift.[6]

There, the Sixth and Ritssyn Flamescowl awoke in a cage. Ritssyn, wounded, asked the Sixth to use a spell to enslave the Jailer demon and force him to free them. After killing the jailer, Ritssyn stayed behind because of his wounds as the Sixth went on to save the other captive members of the Council. The First met a wyrmtongue, Calydus, who told them that he wanted to help and get rid of his Overlord Jagganoth. Calydus helped them free Jubeka Shadowbreaker, who had been strapped to a pillar, and Zinnin Smythe, as a demon was trying to break his silence. Finally, they saved Shinfel Blightsworn, who was being tortured by demons.[6]

The secrets of the pit lord

The four members of the Council, guided by Calydus, went to the archives of Dreadscar Rift and stole the Tome of Blighted Implements, a guide to the location of powerful weapons that Jagganoth was trying to hunt down. But they were discovered, and Jagganoth exploded with rage, bombarding the members with infernals and nearly destroying the entire place. The Council fled towards the portal they used to summon Jagganoth in the sewers of Dalaran, but Shinfel was stunned by the pitlord and Zinnin and Jubeka were knocked to the ground by fel meteors. Only the Sixth and Calydus managed to escape the world, travelling back to Dalaran and closing the portal from the other side, temporarily leaving the other four remaining members behind.[6]

Becoming the Overlord

All but Ritssyn, who had died from his wounds, were sent to the dreadlord Mephistroth as a gift for his amusement. Calydus told the Sixth, the sole free member of the Council, to hunt down one of three powerful weapons described in the guide he stole from Jagganoth —  [Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester], the  [Skull of the Man'ari], or the  [Scepter of Sargeras]. The weapon in their possession, they returned to Dreadscar Rift and after a long fight, the Sixth managed to overwhelm the pit lord with the new found powers granted by their artifact, and killed him. Calydus then told them to take the pit lord's heart in order for them to become the Overlord of the Dreadscar. The moten heart was brought to the altar, raised high for all to see and, as officially the most powerful being on the planet, the army of demons under Jagganoth's control stationed there on Dreascar pledged themselves to the Sixth, acknowledging them as the Netherlord and bowing down before them.[7]

Designing a plan

The newly crowned Netherlord of the Dreadscar returned to the pit where they were originally encaged, and found Ritssyn's body lying on the ground. They resurrected Ritssyn with a soulstone, who could hardly believe his eyes: for one warlock to control an entire army of demons was beyond what he thought the Council was capable of. Looking to rebuild, Ritssyn immediately sent agents out to locate the whereabouts of the captured Council members, as well as any other warlocks who may have been able to aid the cause. Ritssyn and the Sixth then met at the scrying pool, from where they sent troops throughout the Broken Isles to aid in the fight against the Burning Legion and the Emerald Nightmare.[8]

Calydus told them they must track down and free the others in order to reform the Council of the Black Harvest to prepare for the dreadlord Mephistroth's retaliation, who was terribly enraged since he had lost one of his most powerful lieutenants, Jagganoth, and Dreadscar Rift. With their members scattered and Mephistroth on their heels, Ritssyn claimed that they needed the Netherlord to take leadership of the Council, and named them the First of the Council of the Black Harvest.[9]

After recruiting new acolytes and apprentice warlocks to bolster their ranks, they sought to rescue the original Council members. They enlisted the aid of Ritsynn's ex-apprentice, Kira Iresoul, for her knowledge of demonic gateways. But first, Kira wanted the Council to feed her Bloodstone - a rubyred gem capable of binding any demon to the will of its wielder - enormous quantities of blood. Demon blood being the most potent one available on the Broken Isles, the First slew hundreds of demons to empower the Bloodstone. Once done, Kira fulfilled her part of the bargain and made her way to Dreadscar Rift to aid the Council of the Black Harvest with their summoning of a powerful gateway to the Legion world of Niskara.[10] Kira did not lay eyes on Ritssyn, she was only there to repay her debt to the First, not to speak to "the hypocrite who chose the Council over his friends".[11]

Saving the Council

Kira led the ritual of the gateway's summoning, during which Ritssyn acknowledged that her power had grown since the last time they met. The First entered the portal alone and managed to save Zinnin Smythe and Jubeka Shadowbreaker, but Shinfel Blightsworn was nowhere to be seen. However, her imp, Golarb, explained to the First in his dying breath that her mistress was gone, taken by the dreadlord Mephistroth. This was terrible news to the Council: if Mephistroth managed to break Shinfel, he would be able to mount a devastating attack against Dreadscar Rift armed with her power and knowledge.[12]

The First and Ritssyn needed to gather the tools to perform a powerful enough ritual to summon Shinfel back to Dreadscar. In order to create the anchor needed for the ritual of summoning, they needed to link something of Shinfel's to an unclaimed soul. The soul would act like a beacon, guiding Shinfel through the Twisting Nether and back to Dreadscar Rift. Shinfel's staff provided them with the link they needed, but the soul was a bit harder to find: the First had to slay the Amalgam of Souls within Black Rook Hold to retrieve a powerful, lost and forgotten soul.[13]

Creating the anchor required more power than the Council members' soul shards were able to provide, so they sent the Dreadscar troops, which are capable of amassing a large amount of soul shards when they defeat enemies, gather more. Ritssyn then could finally harvest the soul shard supply, and used it to craft the anchor.[14]

Ritssyn thus finally bound Shinfel's soul to her staff and he, alongside Kira and the First, proceeded in summoning Shinfel. But she was dizzy, and in pain: she had been afflicted with a Curse of Doom by the Eredar Twins, Lady Sacrolash and Grand Warlock Alythess.[15] The First went seeking for the knowledge of the alchemist Mad Ernie, who had worked with Ritssyn in the past, and who was now living in a Gilnean farm in Val'sharah. He told the First that the magic of a doom curse grows stronger as time goes on, eventually leading to death, and that only the caster of the curse could remove it. He crafted an elixir for Shinfel that would slow its progression by weakening it for some time.[16][17]

Enslaving the Twins

Since only the caster of a curse could remove the curse entirely, the Council decided they had to summon the powerful Eredar Twins and force them to cure Shinfel. Having lost their master demonologist, Zelifrax Wobblepox, they sought out one powerful enough to help in this task. They settled on Wilfred Fizzlebang's sister, Lulubelle, who they thought that if she was even half as talented as her brother, would be able to summon the Twins. Trying to restore the family name after Wilfred's mishap, she was happy to help.

After helping Lulubelle with her issues, she accepted to join the Council in their ritual but she warned that what they planned to do was pretty risky : summoning one sister would be difficult enough, but both of them at once was just asking for trouble. Luckily, she was up for the challenge. She thus helped the rest of the Council summon the Eredar Twins, in hope to restore pride to the Fizzlebang name.[18]

When the Council summoned the Eredar Twins, they used the Bloodstone to enslave them, and forced them to cure Shinfel. The First then chose between Shinfel and Kira to name a new Second of the Black Harvest.

Notes and trivia

  • The Council of the Black Harvest dealt terrible blows to the Burning Legion throughout Legion as they killed one of Mephistroth's most powerful lieutenants, Jagganoth, took control of his Legion world of Dreadscar Rift, submitted the armies he had stationed there, stole the powerful artifact known as the  [Skull of the Man'ari] from him, and enslaved his precious Eredar Twins.
  • The Council's archives contain an immeasurable amount of magical knowledge that has been collected from various sources over time. Among the countless scrolls, they recovered a tome that detailed the process of creating a powerful demonic gateway able to access any demon world. With the aid of Kira Iresoul, they could summon such a gateway that they then used to locate and retrieve the remaining Council members.[19]
  • The Acolytes of the Black Harvest are ready to sacrifice everything for the forbidden knowledge they pursue. Many of the newer acolytes are often found dead after experimental rituals.[20]
  • Three of the six Black Harvest champions in Legion have different specializations than what they were presented with in Mists of Pandaria. Zinnin is Affliction despite his interest in the destructive powers of Ragnaros and Sulfuron Spire, and Jubeka and Kanrethad are Destruction and Affliction, respectively, despite their research in demonology and demons themselves while in Outland.

Not implemented

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.

  • They were known in the beta as the Council of Six Daggers in Mists of Pandaria beta.
  • Each member had a quote in the warlock talents.
  • In a quest only available in the PTR, Wrathion would later become concerned in their interest for his father's power. This did not make it on live servers, thus Wrathion's involvement with the Council is non-canon.[21]