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The Council of the Black Harvest was formed by six of the greatest warlocks of Azeroth. They gathered together after Deathwing's defeat to teach all warlocks advanced forms of magic stolen from their defeated foes.[1] These powers would be shared with each other to further aid their kind against any future threats to Azeroth.[2] They now fight the Burning Legion alongside the other class orders during the demons' third invasion, and their order hall is the conquered Legion world of Dreadscar Rift.


At first, the six warlocks refused to cooperate, tossing blame and bickering as easily as curses. Finally, after several nights, the human Kanrethad Ebonlocke spoke out about how the Alliance, the Horde, and various organizations around the world such as the Knights of the Ebon Blade had trained for war and kept getting stronger and stronger over time. He told them that they needed to do the same and that together, they would become more powerful than they would have ever been alone.[3]

After much debate, it was decided that each warlock would be partnered with another in order to obtain new powers, that would then be shared with the rest of the Council. Although not every warlock in the Council liked each other, they knew that what they would be doing would greatly benefit them all. To make sure greed did not set in with individual members, it was agreed that any warlock that broke the contract, failed to return, or returned alone, would be struck down by the rest of the Council and their soul would be banished forever.



Each of the original members witnessed one of the great threats to Azeroth.

Name Role Description Status
Alliance & Horde The First of the Black Harvest Leader Netherlord, and Overlord of the Dreadscar Alive
 Kanrethad Ebonlocke Former leader Kanrethad was there when Illidan was put down. He shared the secrets of his transformation with the rest of the Council. Kept in banishment after going mad with power, but regained his senses and was saved in Legion. Defeatable
 Ritssyn Flamescowl Master warlock Ritssyn was there in the Firelands when Ragnaros was vanquished. He was greatly burned by the flames of the Firelord. Alive
 Jubeka Shadowbreaker Master warlock Jubeka was Kanrethad's partner on Outland and the one to banish him after he transformed into a demon Active
 Shinfel Blightsworn Master warlock Shinfel fought in the battle against Cho'gall. Her blood was corrupted by his dark magics and her arms are now covered in black marks left behind by the corruption that had erupted from her skin. Alive
 Zinnin Smythe Master warlock Zinnin witnessed Deathwing being unmade. He has not spoken a word since Alive
 Zelifrax Wobblepox Former master summoner Zelifrax was recently killed by the pit lord Jagganoth during a failed ritual of summoning Deceased
 Kira Iresoul (Second of the Black Harvest)* Newest member. Ex-apprentice to Ritssyn, she's in possession of a powerful bloodstone Alive
 Lulubelle Fizzlebang Master summoner

(Second of the Black Harvest)*

Newest member. Sister of Wilfred Fizzlebang Alive

* The First of the Black Harvest chose his Second between Kira Iresoul and Lulubelle Fizzlebang.


Class Campaign

Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.


A warlock adventurer that had just arrived to Dalaran was intercepted by Ritssyn Flamescowl, who emerged from a demonic portal before them. Ritssyn spoke on behalf of the Council of the Black Harvest, who requested their aid, and explained that with the Legion's invasion upon them, it was painfully clear that their only hope was to grow stronger. The Council planned to tap into the Twisting Nether and call forth much more powerful demon allies. The ritual was ready, but they were short one number, since the unfortunate fate of their former leader. No doubt the warlock had heard of the what befell Kanrethad Ebonlocke. They would be his replacement.[5]

The ritual of summoning

The meeting was to take place at the Circle of Wills in Dalaran's Underbelly. As the warlock hero walked down the sewers, they noticed large amounts of imps and other demons terrorizing the guards. They had been summoned by the Council in order to infiltrate them. Zelifrax Wobblepox was standing in the center of the Circle of Wills, with Ritssyn, Zinnin SmytheJubeka Shadowbreaker and Shinfel Blightsworn standing around the edges. It was time to begin the ritual, said Ritssyn. The summoning they would perform that day would be more challenging than they had ever known or seen before. The powerful warlocks repositioned themselves in a semicircle, with Zelifrax, the master summoner, in the middle. He would lead the ritual. And he had studied the rites.[6]

Zelifrax Wobblepox says: Akris nor-menoth!

A large demonic gateway appears.

Zelifrax Wobblepox says: I need everyone to channel on the portal. This ritual requires our unwavering concentration!

Shinfel Blightsworn says: It's not our concentration that should concern you. Let us hope our newest addition can keep up.

Shinfel Blightsworn says: What are you waiting for, new blood? Begin!

The Sixth stepped forward and channeled the incantation with the others.

Zelifrax Wobblepox says: Your power is impressive, warlock. The ritual begins!

Zelifrax Wobblepox says: Kirest-alak yrthog norush...

Jubeka Shadowbreaker says: Be prepared! We're reaching deeper into the Nether than ever before. Who knows what we may find!

Zelifrax Wobblepox says: Gal nortalesh da val...

Ritssyn Flamescowl says: Keep focused... I sense a being of great power on the other side...

Zelifrax Wobblepox says: Zor-arik var... um... telosh?

Ritssyn Flamescowl says: Zelifrax!

Zelifrax Wobblepox says: Uh... or was it teloth? I'm always mixing those up!

The portal caught fire. Zelifrex had stuttered, ruining the ritual. Suddenly, a gigantic pitlord violently emerged from the portal, knocking back and stunning everyone except Zelifrax. The gnome ran up to the pit lord and began casting a spell of binding. The demon, Jagganoth, grabbed Zelifrax and threw him across the room, killing him on the spot. Five jailers emerged from the portal behind the pitlord and imprisoned the warlocks with magical chains.[6]

Dreadscar Rift

The Sixth awoke in a demonic cage, with Ritssyn next to them. The Sixth spared the brunt of the pit lord's assault, but the rest of them weren't so lucky. Ritssyn explained that they were prisoners on Jagganoth's own personal Legion world, Dreadscar Rift. The orc tried casting a spell, but kneeled, the pain from his wounds preventing him from focusing. The Sixth thus turned to the jailer demon that roamed nearby, and cast a spell of enslavement. The jailer was forced to free them from their cage, after which the spell broke immediately, leading to the warlocks killing the demon. Walking over to the center of the platform, a scream sounded from the top of the pit. Ritssyn recognized Jubeka, and believed the others might still be alive. He was too wounded however to go with the Sixth, and decided to stay behind while they would find the other captive members of the Council. Ritssyn would not be anyone's burden.[6]

Calydus and the Council

As the Sixth pressed forward, a wyrmtongue, Calydus, appeared. The small demon told the warlock that he was servant to the cruel Overlord of the Dreadscar, Jagganoth. The pitlord abused and mocked "poor Calydus". But the warlock could be his undoing. Calydus would distract the sentries, while they would find their friends. Calydus disguised himself as a dancing male gnome and ran past the two felguards stationed at the top of the pit, causing them to follow him. Thanks to the distraction, the Sixth ran up out of the pit and headed directly west to find Jubeka, who had been strapped to a Legion structure and was being terrorized by two felhounds. The Sixth took care of the demons, and freed Jubeka. Together, they found Zinnin who was being interrogated by an inquisitor demon, frustrated with trying to break the worgen's silence. Finally, they saved Shinfel who was being tortured by more demons.[6]

The Council members reunited, a worried Jubeka asked where Ritssyn was, to which Shinfel replied that the orc was gravely injured and could not follow. But she believed that the four of them would suffice to control the pit lord. That was still their goal, after all. Zinnin expressed himself through his silence. Shinfel called him a stubborn worgen, and accepted that escape would be their first priority. But if the opportunity to enslave the demon presented itself, she would take it.[6]

A short distance away, two jailers were standing guard in front of a fel barrier powered by two crystals. The warlocks killed the demons and deactivated the crystals, then proceeded up the ridge and met with Calydus. Shinfel asked what this miserable creature was, and the demon replied that he was a friend. He told them that Jagganoth hunted powerful weapons, weapons that they could use to rule this place. Shinfel liked the sound of that. Jubeka emitted doubts however, but Calydus told them that they had to trust him, and took them down the archives.[6]

The secrets of the Dreadscar

The archive housed several large, floating, felbound tomes, with the Tome of Blighted Implements floating in the middle of the area. Jubeka ran over to inspect the lesser tomes. She was in awe, thinking of all they could learn from these tomes. Not to mention the power they could give them, added Shinfel. Calydus approached the Tome of Blighted Implemensts, a guide to the location of powerful weapons that Jagganoth was trying to hunt down. Calydus told them to take it, before the pitlord found them.[6]

But they were discovered. Jagganoth suddenly teleported in behind Shinfel, causing Calydus to cower in terror while Jubeka and Zinnin prepared to fight. The pitlord grabbed Shinfel, much like he did with Zelifrax, and threw her across the area. Jagganoth lept up into the air and landed in the center of the archive, knocking Calydus, Jubeka, Zinnin and the Sixth back the way they came.

The pitlord's wrath

A fel barrier appeared, blocking the way back into the archive. Jagganoth exploded with rage and fel meteors began raining down on the Council. They all ran towards the gateway they came from, but Zinnin was knocked to the ground by a meteor, and Jubeka after him. With her last forces she told the Sixth to go on and close the portal behind them.[6]

Just as the last warlock and Calydus were about to reach the portal, a giant infernal emerged from the gateway and attacked them. He was however defeated and, after heading through the portal, they arrived back in the Circle of Wills with Calydus. The gateway to Dreadscar Rift behind them had been shattered. They were safe, for the pitlord could not pursue them anymore.[6]

Calydus however told the Sixth that they had to find one of the hunted weapons in order to defeat Jagganoth.[6] The book was the key to the Council's salvation, and to absolute power. It held within information about many relics too dangerous to the Burning Legion to leave unchecked. Calydus told the Sixth, the sole free member of the Council, to hunt down one of three powerful weapons described in the guide he stole from Jagganoth —  [Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester], the  [Skull of the Man'ari], or the  [Scepter of Sargeras].[7]

Becoming the Overlord

Now equipped with a powerful artifact, the Sixth returned to Dreadscar Rift to confront Jagganoth, and possibly save their friends. Calydus told them that if they managed to take the heart of the Overlord, his army would be theirs to command. Jagganoth greeted the warlock with a grim announcement. He told the Sixth that it was too late to save the other Council members, for they had been sent to the demon's lord, the nathrezim Mephistroth, as a gift for his amusement.[7]

The two clashed, but the newfound powers of the Sixth granted by their artifact eventually overcame the pitlord and allowed the Sixth to kill him. The warlock approached the giant corpse left before them, and carved out the demon's molten heart. It was borught at the altar of the Dreadscar, at the Seat of the Overlord, at which point an image of Mephistroth appeared.[7]

Mephistroth says: So, mortal, you have slain one of my generals...

Mephistroth says: Savor your victory while you can, warlock. This war is far from over!

Mephistroth says: We will meet again...

Dozens and dozens of felguard approached, walking up the ridge. The most massive one, Bulzan, bowed down before the Sixth of the Black Harvest. Then all bowed down. By killing Jagganoth and exposing his heart to all, the Sixth became the new Overlord of the Dreadscar, and the demonic army had come to serve at their command.[7]

Planning a future

Jagganoth's corpse was chained by the altar for all to see. Calydus explained that the altar at the Seat of the Overlord was formed of the pit lord's very blood, and was charged with his power. This power could be transferred to their new weapon. The warlock thus approached it, and claimed Jagganoth's power for his own.[8]

They could not rest, however, for a new danger lied around the corner. The Sixth had indeed caught the attention of Mephistroth, who surely wished to seek revenge for losing his general. They would need more than the Dreadscar to stand against him, they would need powerful warlocks such as those of the Council who were captured. Calydus guided the Sixth down the ramp to the pit where they were originally encaged. There, they found Ritssyn's corpse lying on the ground. He had not survived his wounds.[9]

The Sixth started casting a spell, and resurrected Ritssyn with a soulstone. He immediately asked about the rest of the Council, and was brought up to date with all that had happened. Ritssyn could not believe his own eyes, for one warlock to control an entire army of demons was beyond what he thought the Council capable of, and beyond what they had hoped for.[10]

Where the Council had failed, the Sixth found untold success. Looking to rebuild, Ritssyn would send agents out to locate the whereabouts of the captured Council members, as well as any other warlocks who might have been able to aid the cause. At the scrying pool, Ritssyn said that with their members scattered and the dreadlord on their heels, they needed to prepare for the dreadlord Mephistroth's retaliation, who was terribly enraged since he had lost one of his most powerful lieutenants - Jagganoth - and Dreadscar Rift. Ritssyn claimed that they needed the Sixth to take leadership of the Council, and as such stepped down from his position, and named them the First of the Council of the Black Harvest.[11]

Ritssyn Flamescowl says: May you lead us to glory against the Legion!


As the First returned to Dalaran after missions on the Broken Isles, a Black Harvest acolyte intercepted and informed them that Calydus was eager to speak with them.[12] Returning to Dreadscar Rift, the tiny demon told the warlock that they were now in a very powerful, but lonely position, for they were the First of a Council whose members were missing. They needed to find others, others who would be drawn to their power, others who would follow them and stay at their side.[13]

Calydus was thankful for he was no longer suffering under the cruel hand of Jagganoth. He now had the choice of who to follow. He thus pledged himself to the new Overlord.[14] Ritssyn Flamescowl, familiar with the burden of leadership, was honored to serve as Second of the Black Harvest.[15]

Gakin the Darkbinder then showed the First the Dreadscar Battle Plans to complete vital assignments across the [/ Broken Isles]. If they wished to rebuild the Council, they had to start by locating its missing members. [/ Ritssyn] and [/ Calydus] were thus sent to interrogate the [/ Burning Legion]'s minions. They were successful in getting information, though they didn't know reliable it was yet considering how it was obtained.[16]

The first then asked Imp Mother Dyala to summon [/ imps] which were sent out into the field along with champions on a routine scouting mission. The mission was more successful than excpected, as the troops were able to rescue [/ Archivist Melinda], a brilliant strategist. In thanks, she agreed to lend her skill to the Black Harvest's cause.[17][18] Gakin described her as somewhat of an anomaly, as not many dwarves chose the path of the warlock. What made her even more unique was her meticulous study of their craft. Melinda claimed that there were many things she could do to help strengthen and upgrade Dreadscar Rift.[19]

Ritssyn told the First that the [/ Black Harvest] archives contained an immeasurable amount of magical knowledge that had been collected from various sources over time. He found it reasonable to think that somewhere among the countless scrolls they could find something to aid them in their mission to rescue the remaining Council members. The search was exhausting, but it was necessary. They recovered a tome that detailed the process of creating a demonic gateway. It had the power to access any demon world, assuming they knew where to direct it. Such a gateway could be used to locate and retrieve the remaining Council members.[20] Channeling the gateway would require the assistance of someone with intimate knowledge of the [/ Burning Legion]. Ritssyn knew of such a warlock, though he imagined her blood still boiled upon hearing his name. He thus suggested that it might be best if the First was the one to request her help. The First travelled to Azsuna where they found Kira Iresoul, who said that she could see that her old mentor still refused to do "his own dirty work". Someone in his position couldn't be seen consorting with a purported member of the [/ Argus Wake], she claimed. But s much as she relished the idea of Ritssyn needing her help, she did not barter in kindness and favors. Her currency was power and knowledge.[21]

Kira explained that something of personal value had been taken from her, and her work there could not continue until she got it back. To most it would appear to be an ordinary stone, but it was so much more than a simple rock - it lived, and breathed. The nearby [/ naga] had been snatching anything with any sort of magical significance, her stone included. Fortunately, they did not know how to access its power. The First killed many Narashi naga and managed to retrieve the stone, which they returned to Kira, who could see now why Ritssyn liked to "send them on errands".[22]

Kira explained that bloodstones contain a great deal of power that can only be awakened once they are fed. Yet this stone did not feast on fish and cakes. It hungered for blood: the more powerful, the better. There was an infestation of demons just east of their location. If the First nourished her stone with their blood, she would be able to unlock its power. Dozens of demons were massacred, and their blood fed to the bloodstone.[23] The stone stated, Kira hoped to use its power to bend the will of demons that would otherwise not be so easily controlled. This was still a theory however, for she had never witnessed the direct effect of the bloodstone's power on a demon. She had procured a few [/ imps] that she imprisoned in the cave behind and that made suitable test subjects. When the First channeled the bloodstone's power on them however, the imps died. All subjects died in the testing process. But as the warlock had fulfilled their part of the bargain, it was time for Kira to fulfill hers.[24]

Kira asked the First to warn Ritssyn to keep his distance, she would come to repay her debt to the First, not to speak to the "hypocrite who chose the Council over his friends". She first had a few urgent matters to take care of, but she claimed that she would soon make her way to [/ Dreadscar Rift] to aid with the summoning. The First returned to Dreadscar, where Ritssyn told them that Kira travelled faster than their words, for she had already arrived moments ago, though her eyes purposely avoided his. In gaining her trust, the First accomplished something he could not. With her help, they would be able to summon the gateway.[25]

Notes and trivia

  • The Council of the Black Harvest dealt terrible blows to the Burning Legion throughout the Third invasion of the Burning Legion. They killed one of Mephistroth's most powerful lieutenants, Jagganoth, took control of his world of Dreadscar Rift, submitted the armies he had stationed there, stole the powerful artifact known as the  [Skull of the Man'ari] from him, and enslaved his precious and mighty Eredar Twins.
  • The Council's archives contain an immeasurable amount of magical knowledge that has been collected from various sources over time. Among the countless scrolls, they recovered a tome that detailed the process of creating a powerful demonic gateway able to access any demon world. With the aid of Kira Iresoul, they could summon such a gateway that they then used to locate and retrieve the remaining Council members.[26]
  • The Acolytes of the Black Harvest are ready to sacrifice everything for the forbidden knowledge they pursue. Many of the newer acolytes are often found dead after experimental rituals.[27]
  • Three of the six Black Harvest champions in Legion have different specializations than what they were presented with in Mists of Pandaria. Zinnin is Affliction despite his interest in the destructive powers of Ragnaros and Sulfuron Spire, and Jubeka and Kanrethad are respectively Destruction and Affliction despite their research in Demonology and demons in Outland.

Not implemented

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.

  • They were known in the beta as the Council of Six Daggers in Mists of Pandaria beta.[28]
  • Each member had a quote in the warlock talents.[29]
  • In a quest only available during the PTR, Wrathion would become concerned in their interest for his father's power. This however did not make it to live servers, and Wrathion's involvement with the Council is thus non-canon.[28]