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A warlock's darkglare minion.

A darkglare[1][2] is a floating, horned, one-eyed octopus-like demon similar to an observer. Little is currently known about them.

Demonology warlocks can call forth a darkglare to aid them in battle using the [Summon Darkglare] talent.



  • The darkglare summoned by warlocks was initially described by Chadd Nervig in a forum thread as a "beholder", a reference to the iconic monsters of the same name from Dungeons & Dragons upon which observers are based. Nervig described the "beholder" as a demon very rarely seen prior to Legion, with Durumu the Forgotten being the most notable one, and at the time the beholder minion used a copy of Durumu's model.[3] However, this seemingly contradicted Durumu's origin of being created by mogu flesh-shaping, as detailed in his Adventure Guide entry. The name of the minion was later changed to "Darkglare", and the model was updated to a completely new demonic species with little resemblance to Durumu at all.