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Darkmoon Rabbit

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For the companion, see  [Darkmoon Rabbit].
CombatDarkmoon Rabbit
Image of Darkmoon Rabbit

Rabbit (Beast)


?? Boss




Darkmoon Rabbit is a level ?? boss rabbit at the Darkmoon Island Cave on Darkmoon Island.

It drops one  [Darkmoon Rabbit] per raid.


  • 140,341 - 209,596 Damage
  • 24,840 Armor
  • Untamable


  • Warrior talent icon furyintheblood.png  Vicious Streak — It's a mile wide. Instant. Aura gained on entering combat. Visual effect only.
  • Inv misc rabbit.png  HUGE, SHARP TEETH! — Leap to target's neck and chew through it. Instant. Deals 25% of total health damage every 1 sec. Also reduces healing taken by 100% for the duration.


The Darkmoon Rabbit is a graveyard zerg boss encounter, rarely found in the Darkmoon Island Cave on the southeastern tip of Darkmoon Island. Upon attacking the beast, it will attempt to melee whoever has the most threat, and thus can be tanked while not casting it's special move. Periodically, it will cast HUGE, SHARP TEETH!, and jump on a random player's neck and deal 25% of the target's health as damage every second. The targeted player will run around in fear, and the effect also reduces incoming healing by 100%. However, absorption shields (like [Power Word: Shield]) will help mitigate the damage. Targeted players will frequently die, but very well geared players may survive.

If killed, players will spawn in the tent with the Injured Carnies, and should quickly run southeast back to the beach. It is important to stack on the beach or in the cave near where the rabbit was first engaged, as the rabbit will reset or evade if taken anywhere other than the cave or the beach. If feared, it is important to attempt to remain near the stack. Killing the rabbit takes time, but as long as the rabbit stays near the cave it should die without problem.




Due to the appearance of the Darkmoon Rabbit and the nature of the boss fight, it is a reference to the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The achievement title references the moment after the group charges en masse to kill the Killer Rabbit, only to lose two more knights and retreating. After ascertaining their losses to be a total of three knights, King Arthur declares, "Well, we'd better not risk another frontal assault; that rabbit's dynamite!"[1]

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