Death knight abilities

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Death knight abilities are abilities used by death knights. Most abilities are shared between all specializations, while some are only specific to one (or two) specializations.

Death knight abilities use either runes (as part of the rune system) or runic power and are divided into the trees of Frost, Blood and Unholy.


All death knights automatically learn the following spells at the specified level, regardless of specialization.


"Blood" redirects here. For the comic issue, see Blood (comic).

The three death knight specializations are Blood (tanking), Frost (melee DPS) and Unholy (melee DPS).

For an exploration of each death knight specialization, see Death knight specializations.


Talents become available at level 56. Only one talent can be chosen from each tier.

Death knight talents
Level Choices
56 Blood [Bloodworms] [Heartbreaker] [Blooddrinker]
Frost [Shattering Strikes] [Icy Talons] [Murderous Efficiency]
Unholy [All Will Serve] [Bursting Sores] [Ebon Fever]
57 Blood [Rapid Decomposition] [Soulgorge] [Spectral Deflection]
Frost [Freezing Fog] [Frozen Pulse] [Horn of Winter]
Unholy [Epidemic] [Pestilent Pustules] [Blighted Rune Weapon]
58 Blood [Ossuary] [Blood Tap] [Anti-Magic Barrier]
Frost [Icecap] [Hungering Rune Weapon] [Avalanche]
Unholy [Unholy Frenzy] [Castigator] [Clawing Shadows]
60 Blood [Mark of Blood] [Red Thirst] [Tombstone]
Frost [Abomination's Might] [Blinding Sleet] [Winter is Coming]
Unholy [Sludge Belcher] [Asphyxiate] [Debilitating Infestation]
75 Blood [Tightening Grasp] [Tremble Before Me] [March of the Damned]
Frost [Volatile Shielding] [Permafrost] [White Walker]
Unholy [Spell Eater] [Corpse Shield] [Lingering Apparition]
90 Blood [Will of the Necropolis] [Rune Tap] [Foul Bulwark]
Frost [Frostscythe] [Runic Attenuation] [Gathering Storm]
Unholy [Shadow Infusion] [Necrosis] [Infected Claws]
100 Blood [Bonestorm] [Blood Mirror] [Purgatory]
Frost [Obliteration] [Breath of Sindragosa] [Glacial Advance]
Unholy [Dark Arbiter] [Defile] [Soul Reaper]


Glyphs are spell and ability enhancements that add cosmetic effects or minor enhancements, created by scribes. Glyphs are color-coded to the class for which they are meant.

Glyphs can be removed any time outside of combat using  [Vanishing Powder] and can be used from level 25.


Runeforging is a skill that allows death knights to engrave runes into their weapons, using a runeforge.

Icon Rune of Type Level Weapon Type Description
Spell frost frostarmor.png Razorice Frost 55 Any Causes 2% extra weapon damage as Frost damage and has a chance to increase Frost vulnerability.
Spell shadow antimagicshell.png Spellbreaking Unholy 57 One-handed Deflects 2% of all spell damage.
Spell shadow antimagicshell.png Spellshattering Unholy 57 Two-handed Deflects 4% of all spell damage.
Spell holy harmundeadaura.png Lichbane Blood 60 Any Adds 2% extra weapon damage as Fire damage or 4% versus Undead targets.
Ability parry.png Swordbreaking Blood 63 One-handed Increases Parry chance by 2% and reduces duration of disarm effects by 50%.
Ability parry.png Swordshattering Blood 63 Two-handed Increases Parry chance by 4% and reduces duration of disarm effects by 50%.
Spell holy retributionaura.png Fallen Crusader Unholy 70 Any Has a chance to heal you for 3% and increase total Strength by 15% for 15 sec.
Inv sword 130.png Stoneskin Gargoyle Frost 72 Two-handed Increases Armor by 4% and total stamina by 2%.

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