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The Dragonflayer clan[1] is a vrykul clan under the control of the slumbering King Ymiron. They have taken up residence in Utgarde Keep, on the shores of Lake Cauldros, within the Howling Fjord of Northrend. Ingvar the Plunderer commands the clan's dragon-riders in their attacks against the town of Valgarde.

Battle for Valgarde

The vrykul attacks Valgarde, the primary Alliance forteress in Northrend.[2]The fights let a number of alliance guys impaled and left for dead [3] or again imprisonned in Wyrmskull Village.[4]

They try a offensive on Valgarde and Westguard Keep, the plan was in the hand of Yanis the Mystic. However, he had been killed and the  [Dragonflayer Battle Plans] stolen.[5]

Into the Utgarde Catacombs

The Dragonflayers Vrykul bring out their prisoners to battle against the most powerful gladiators. They dump the losers in the basement where Scourge necromancers turn them into ghoulies.[6]

The Alliance force enter into the Utgarde Catacombs freeing the prisoners and defying the vrykul champions in Ring of Judgement and taking  [Ancient Cipher].[7]

Ember Clutch

The clan, led by Skeld Drakeson, has expanded this magic-burning-wood for the developement of the Proto-Whelps and the red proto-drake.

Causing the wrath of the ancient, they are destroyed to let the proto-drake retunr to a peacefull life. [8]


Queen Angerboda tried to resurrect her mate, the King Ymiron. However she has been killed and the Lich King, himself, take the corpse of the king and sends it to Utgarde Keep.[9]

Plague of Halgrind

The Royal Apothecary Society designed a new plague that kill all life into Halgrind. Only, the chieftain, Thorvald fled when the Forsaken took the city. The remaining vrykul, while not dropping dead from exposure, found themselves trapped and slowly killed. He was killed later for his blood.[10]

Assault in Utgarde Keep

The Alliance and the Horde force enter in Utgarde Keep and slain many vrykul before to kill the King Ymiron, himself.

Notable Member

Name Role Status Location
IconSmall Ymiron.gifKing Ymiron King of Vrykul Killable (Wow) Deceased (Lore) Ymiron's Seat, Utgarde Keep
IconSmall Vrykul Female.gifQueen Angerboda Queen of Vrykul Killable (Wow) Deceased (Lore) Gjalerbron
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gifIconSmall Vargul.gifIngvar the Plunderer Commander of the tribe, Transform into Vargul by a Valkyr for his fail Killable (Wow) Deceased (Lore) Tyr's Terrace, Utgarde Keep
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gifYanis the Mystic Hand of Ingvar Killable Wyrmskull Village
IconSmall Vrykul Female.gifIconSmall Val'kyr.gifSvala Sorrowgrave Vrykul transform in Valkyr by the Lich King Killable (Wow) Deceased (Lore) Observance Hall, Utgarde Keep
IconSmall FrostVrykul Male.gifSkadi the Ruthless Powerful warrior mounting grauf and commanding any vargul. Killable Eagle's Eye, Utgarde Keep
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gifThorvald Former chieftain of Halgrind Killable Thorvald's Camp, Howling Fjord
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gifFirjus the Soul Crusher Gladiator of Ring of Judgement Killable Utgarde Catacombs, Utgarde Keep
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gifYorus the Flesh Harvester Gladiator of Ring of Judgement Killable Utgarde Catacombs, Utgarde Keep
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gifJlarborn the Strategist Gladiator of Ring of Judgement Killable Utgarde Catacombs, Utgarde Keep
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gifOluf the Violent Gladiator of Ring of Judgement Killable Utgarde Catacombs, Utgarde Keep
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gifSkeld Drakeson Leader of Vrykul in Ember Clutch Killable Ember Clutch, Howling Fjord
IconSmall Vrykul Male.gifSkarvald the Constructor Minion of Dalronn the Controller Killable Utgarde Keep
IconSmall Vrykul Female.gifVigdis the War Maiden (presumed) Warrior mounting a Black Proto-Drake Killable Howling Fjord