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Dungeon Journal

The Dungeon Journal, sometimes referred to as the Encounter Journal, was introduced in Patch 4.2.0. It lists the phases, abilities, and loot of bosses in both raid instances and dungeons. Notably, the journal does not directly specify tactics to overcome the abilities, leaving the players to figure out the encounter strategy on their own. Each expansion has its own background color.


Alerts are small icons that bring attention to more important abilities, effects, or even mobs during encounters within the Dungeon Journal.

The following icons and what they generally mean:

  • Mythic Difficulty Mythic Only - Only happens during mythic raids from Warlords of Draenor on.
  • Heroic Difficulty Heroic Only - Only happens during heroic modes. (pre-WoD raids and all 5-man dungeons)
  • Deadly Deadly - An ability that can likely kill its target.
  • Important Important - Something important, or requiring immediate attention.
  • Tank Alert Tank Alert - A creature the tank should be aware of.
  • Damage Dealer Alert DPS Alert - A creature the DPS should make their focus.
  • Healer Alert Healer Alert - Healers should be more attentive during this ability.
  • Interruptible Interruptable - An ability that can be interrupted.
  • Magic Effect Magic Effect - A removable magic effect.
  • Curse Curse Effect - A removable curse effect.
  • Poison Poison Effect - A removable poison effect.
  • Disease Disease Effect - A removable disease effect.
  • Enrage Enrage - When the boss enrages.

Instances covered



  • Currently the Vanilla raids, Burning Crusade raids, and the Wrath of the Lich King raids are not available.

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