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The Equipment Manager is similar to some AddOns that allows switching between sets of equipment[1][2], originally scheduled for Patch 3.1.0 but was moved to Patch 3.1.2.

Excerpt from Q&A with Ghostcrawler

Nethaera: Will you be able to switch gear easily to match your spec?
Ghostcrawler: At the same time we implement dual specs, we will also be setting up a gear system. The feature is called “Gear Manager.” It can also be used to just swap weapons or trinkets or put on that tuxedo to strut around town. It will not automatically switch your gear when you change your talent spec, but it will allow for an easy gear change between them. The feature may not be fully functional immediately in the PTR, but we’ll have more information to share about it before too much longer.

User interface

Equipment Manager icon

Users will be able to access the the Equipment Manager from the character screen by selecting the armor icon in the top right-hand corner of the character info window. Up to ten gear sets are allowed. This feature is very similar to macros.

To enable the Equipment Manager, go to the Game Menu (Esc), Interface option, Game tab, Features selection, and check the "Use Equipment Manager" box.

Example Macros

First save your gear set, then using that exact name (ie. Prot), create the following macro:

/equipset Prot

If you want to switch talent specs, then you will need to add that to it also, so let's assume Prot is your primary spec and Ret is your secondary and you want to swap gear at the same time you swap specs, then your macro would be:

For Prot:

/equipset Prot
/usetalents 1

For Ret:

/equipset Ret
/usetalents 2

One button equipment & talent changer:

#show [spec:1] Retribution Aura; [spec:2] Devotion Aura 
/equipset [spec:1] Ret; [spec:2] Prot
/usetalents [spec:1] 2; [spec:2] 1

In this situation, the game will equip the Retribution gear then activate the Retribution build when the Protection build is active. It will alternatively equip the Protection gear then activate the Protection build when the Retribution build is active.

Again, on the /equipset macro, you have to use the exact name that you saved your gear as, and it is case-sensitive. (Modified from [1].)

Bank Limitations

The gear manager can take items directly from the bank to the selected slot on a character, but this facility is only available when the bank inventory is open. Simply standing in the bank does not work.

Related addons

This feature has similar functionality, and is probably largely based on the popular auto-armor-equipping addons such as ItemRack and Outfitter.


This video is primarily on the Dual Talent Specialization feature but also includes usage of the Gear Manager.

[How to PTR] Dual Talent Specialization.
More guides here

Patch changes

  • WotLK Patch 3.3.0 (2009-12-08): If an item is a part of an item set, the name of that item set is displayed in the tooltip of that item.
  • WotLK Patch 3.1.2 (2009-05-19): Added.
Was scheduled for release in Patch 3.1.0, but has since been removed from PTR.[2]


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