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Prolongued use of fel magic may corrupt the users. It seems that fel magic has a tendency of turning users and those that spend enough time in the presence of those users into a more uniform demonic form.

Examples of this transformation are the orcs, blood elves, eredar, and to an extent, satyrs. It is also notable that out of the many Burning Legion races only a few have been seen uncorrupted.

Sometimes with small intake of fel energies the race will mutate to have more demonic features, such as the orcs change in skin color and size more similar to that of the Pit Lord's they drank blood from. and the blood elves eyes changing to that of emerald to represent the magics they absorbed. With major exposure the race begins to loose much similarity to the original though still having some traits of the original species. With some extreme cases such as Satyr or Wretched the race almost bares no similar appearance at all to the original. Some examples of fel corruption are: large claws, red tented skin, horns, fangs, demonic runes, ect.

Fel magic works a bit like radiation; it permeates the area and seeps into anything in the vicinity. Anything near a source of fel magic shows signs of slight corruption. Such effects would take a very long time to wear off.[1]

Fel-Corrupted species

Exposure to fel energy.png


IconSmall NightElf Male.gifIconSmall NightElf Female.gifNight elf - High elfHigh elf High elf - Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf - Felblood elfFelblood elf Felblood elf

└ Satyr Satyr└ Wretched Wretched└ Wretched Wretched
  • Satyrs are night elves who have been corrupted by demonic powers either as a reward or as punishment by Sargeras, other races may also have been transformed later.
  • Blood elves and high elves exposed to fel magic in Quel'Thalas or Outland following the Third War have emerald eyes[2] and some have tanner skin.
  • Felblood elves are elves changed by consuming large amounts of felblood, they acquire new skin colours and horns and in some cases wings.
  • Wretched elves are elves that have over consumed of demonic energy, or underconsumed on magic. They bare little resemblance to their former High Elven forms anymore and are seen as nothing but leeches in elven society.


Mag'harMag'har Mag'har orc - OrcOrc Orc - IconSmall ChaosOrc Male.gifIconSmall ChaosOrc Female.gif Chaos Orc - Fel orcFel orc Fel orc

  • Mag'har orcs changed form under the influence of Magtheridon, their skin became various shades of green and they began experiencing lusts for blood.
  • Chaos orcs directly drank the blood of a Pit Lord. They received improved strength and a red skin.
  • Fel orcs are orcs who have been changed by the Blood of Mannoroth and of Magtheridon, changing their skin and various other mutations and making them into a blood-thirsty race.


EredarEredar Eredar - Man'ari eredarMan'ari eredar Man'ari

└ IconSmall Broken Male.gif BrokenIconSmall LostOne.gif Lost Ones


IconSmall Boar.gifBoar - IconSmall Helboar.gifHelboar

IconSmall Mastiff.gif Hounds - IconSmall Darkhound.gifDarkhound

  • These vile creatures are canines having somehow been twisted by demonic energy.

IconSmall SavageWolf.gif Wolves - IconSmall FelWolf.gifInfernal Direwolf

  • These wolves were corrupted by Gul'dan's reckless fel Magic.