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Flamegates are portals to areas within the Firelands. There are a number of these scattered around Mount Hyjal.

The gates lead to:

The Firelands Hatchery.
Introduced via N [81] The Hatchery Must Burn, the Firelands Hatchery is a cavern filled with eggs. The character is required to defeat Twilight's Hammer cultists while flying on a hippogryph and wielding a lance. Eventually, the character destroys eggs that were stolen from Aviana and corrupted.
The Firelands Forgeworks.
Introduced via B [81] Into the Maw!, the character enters and dispatches Forgemaster Pyrendius among other nasties.
The Crucible of Flame.
Introduced via N [81] The Third Flamegate, the character enters to defeat Nemesis once and for ... well, for now. You know how it is.