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Image of Gastropod

Snail (Critter)


92 Elite


12,647,760 - 37,943,280


Gastropods are level 92 snail trash mobs in the Throne of Thunder between Megaera and Ji-Kun.

For trash mobs, they are unusually deadly. They cannot be tanked and will instead fixate on random players. Any players caught in front of a moving Gastropod in melee range will be instantly killed. The proper way to kill a Gastropod is to stay out of melee range, taking advantage of its large hitbox.

These mobs have been nicknamed "LFR destroyers" thanks to the sheer number of player deaths they tend to leave behind on Raid Finder difficulty, as LFR players, especally new ones doing Throne of Thunder for the first time, are used to mindlessly mowing down trash mobs and tend to get caught unprepared by the one-shot kills.

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