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Small Fey


Temperate forest

Secondary language(s)
Grell from the Warcraft RPG.

The grell are forest spirits similar in appearance to imps,[1] but are generally larger in size, lack the characteristic horns, and are not demonic. They are actually embodiments of the wild side of nature, and so tame ones are very rare.[2] These small fey are common to Shadowglen and Fel Rock in Teldrassil, Misty Valley in Swamp of Sorrows and Bashal'Aran in Darkshore. Brann Bronzebeard believes they may come from Aessina, though when he asked she simply said, "maybe."[3]

In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG and is considered non-canon.

This small, skipping creature looks a bit like a thin, gangly, orange goblin. Large ears spread from its bald head. Its pupil-less yellow eyes stare as it raises a clawed paw. Grell are small, playful creatures that can be encountered in wild areas. They are not particularly dangerous individually, but in gangs they can pose a threat to outlying night elf and furbolg communities; they may be small and unimpressive, but their claws are sharp. Scattered groups of them are actively malicious. Some grell wear earrings, which scholars believe may possess magical traits. Grell are fond of hyacinth mushrooms. Combat Grell are not particularly hostile; generally, they are content to leave potential dangers alone. If an opponent attacks, however, they defend themselves fiercely. Grell in a gang feel no particular connection to each other, it seems, and are as likely to assist their comrade as to watch the combat idly.[4]


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  • When summoned with  [Copy of Daglop's Contract], the imp Daglop will sometimes say "There is a legend that some of our ancestors can be found on this world that are not part of the Legion. I bet they are boring.", possibly implying that imps are descended from corrupted grell found on Azeroth (or even other worlds, given that the Grell are wild embodiments of nature itself).
  • Some creatures that share the grell model are also known as sprites, although this term is shared with the more benign faerie dragons and wisps.
  • A lot of creatures that share the grell model, including demons to elementals, although the original species is neither according to the RPG. Its unknown if the varied types are separate races entirely, corrupted grell by magic, or simply given those templates for game play mechanics.
    • The Misty Grells, discovered in Swamp of Sorrows, are believed to be uncorrupted with no demonic traces. They are classified as uncategoried.
  • For unknown reasons grell, along with all creatures in World of Warcraft that use the same model, twitch their thumb on the hand which holds their main hand weapon and continue to blink when dead.
  • If you compare pictures, you might notice that grell look like a type of wild, deformed goblin.

Grell species and grell-like creatures


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

If Aessina didn't create the grell, then they might be elementals like Flamekin, Firekin and Flame Imps that were made flesh over time and became grell, like how elemental drakes became proto-dragons.