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Hair of the Chamberlain

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  • Hair of the Chamberlain
  • Quest Item
  • "There isn't much of this left."
The hair can be found in a location like this
Hair of the Chamberlain

The Hair of the Chamberlain can be found at various locations in either the Conqueror's Terrace or the Beast Pens on the Isle of Thunder.

As a quest objective


Isle of Thunder map
Hair on hill near Defiant Direhorn @ 51.1,31.2
Hair on top of Arcanital Ra'kul's tent (jump down from Zur'chaka's area) @ 56.5,45.8
Hair in Loa-Infused Bloodhorn's tent @ 52.5,37.2
Hair on Beast Pens wall (jump down from Zur'chaka's area) @ 52.8,46.5
Hair on Conqueror's Terrace wall (jump down from Zur'chaka's area) @ 54.2,48.6
Base @ 34.6,64.8

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