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In World of Warcraft, hostile describes a creature, faction, or area controlled by such a faction, that bears ill will toward the player character, usually to the extent that it would attack the player on sight.

More specifically, the term usually means one of the following:

  1. A mob or NPC that treats a player as an enemy is hostile. Their names and highlight colors are in red when selected, and they will typically attack when a player gets within their aggro radius.
    • Mobs and NPCs that are initially neutral will turn hostile when attacked, or when many items or effects are used on them.
    • You cannot talk to hostile creatures.
    • Enemy players are usually considered hostile, especially when both parties are PvP flagged, since either may attack the other at any time.
  2. Regardless of whether or not an NPC would actually attack the character, hostile can specify that an NPC or geographical area is of an enemy faction to the player's (Alliance vs. Horde) as opposed to being friendly or of a neutral faction.
    • Most mobs in hostile zones will act hostile towards the player.
    • Characters that enter hostile zones such as enemy cities will be PvP flagged, even on PvE realms.
  3. The reputation level just below Unfriendly and above Hated is called Hostile. This level spans 3000 reputation points. NPCs belonging to factions with which a player is Hostile will themselves act hostile towards that player.