Trueshot Lodge

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NeutralTrueshot Lodge
Level: 100 - 110
Trueshot Lodge.jpg
The Trueshot Lodge
PvP status

Trueshot Lodge is the home base of an ancient order of hunters known as the Unseen Path. The lodge was originally built by the night elves and tauren working together on Talon Peak in Highmountain.

It serves as the hunter Class Hall in World of Warcraft: Legion.


The map of Trueshot Lodge

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Great Eagle Network

The eagle network

As the new leader of the Unseen Path, the hero will gain access to the great eagle network which connects all the regions with a great eagle nesting site.

  • There is no gold cost associated with these flightpaths.
  • The  [Flight Master's Whistle] will transport hunters to a Great Eagle if its the closest flight path.
  • There is a great eagle located in Dalaran, which when clicked on says it has no connecting flight paths. Since 7.1.0 the eagle no longer causes this error, but is still not a part of the network.


Level 98

  1. N Hunter [98] Needs of the Hunters
  2. N Hunter [98] The Hunter's Call
  3. N Hunter [98] Weapons of Legend
  4. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  5. N Hunter [98] On Eagle's Wings
  6. N Hunter [98] The Unseen Path
  7. N Hunter [98] Oath of Service
  8. N Hunter [98] A Strong Right Hand
  9. N Hunter [98] Altar of the Eternal Hunt
  10. N Hunter [98] Infused with Power
  11. N Hunter [98] Tactical Matters
  12. N Hunter [98] The Campaign Begins

Level 101

Level 103

  1. N Hunter [103] Lending a Hand
  2. Complete both:
  3. N Hunter [103] Urgent Summons
  4. Complete all of the following:
  5. N Hunter [103] Homecoming
  6. N Hunter [103] Signaling Trouble
  7. Complete both:

Level 110

  1. N Hunter [110] Highmountain Hunters
  2. Complete both:
  3. N Hunter [110] Baron and the Huntsman
  4. N Hunter [110] Awakening the Senses
  5. N Hunter [110] Champion: Huntsman Blake
  6. N Hunter [110] Ready to Work
  7. N Hunter [110] Missing Mages
  8. N Hunter [110] The Scent of Magic
  9. N Hunter [110] Assisting the Archmage
  10. N Hunter [110] Knowing Our Enemy
  11. N Hunter [110] Leyworm Lure
  12. N Hunter [110] To Tame the Beast
  13. N Hunter [110] The Nature of the Beast
  14. N Hunter [110] Requesting Reinforcements
  15. Complete all of the following:
  16. N Hunter [110] Leading By Example
  17. N Hunter [110] In Defense of Dalaran
  18. N Hunter [110] Champion: Halduron Brightwing


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