Iceborne Embrace

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Iceborne Embrace is a leather uncommon crafted set from the Wrath of the Lich King. It is crafted by Leatherworking.


All items are crafted via Leatherworking

Item Crafting Materials
[Iceborne Belt] 10x  [Borean Leather]
[Iceborne Boots] 10x  [Borean Leather]
[Iceborne Chestguard] 12x  [Borean Leather]
[Iceborne Gloves] 8x  [Borean Leather]
[Iceborne Leggings] 12x  [Borean Leather]
[Iceborne Shoulderpads] 10x  [Borean Leather]
[Iceborne Wristguards] 12x  [Borean Leather]
[Iceborne Helm] 14x  [Borean Leather]
[Dark Iceborne Chestguard] 6x  [Heavy Borean Leather] 4x  [Crystallized Shadow]
[Dark Iceborne Leggings] 4x  [Heavy Borean Leather] 5x  [Crystallized Shadow]


Iceborne Embrace

The Blue Rare Dark Iceborne items are a direct replacement for the normal uncommon green items.

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