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For the film universe version, see Karazhan (film universe).
For the Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Human campaign mission at the same location, see Medivh (WC1 Human).
Medivh's Tower, KZ, Kara
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The tower of Karazhan
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Karazhan [54, 78] (a.k.a. Medivh's Tower, Ivory Tower of Karazhan, or Ivory Spire of Karazhan)[1] is an abandoned citadel (or castle)[2] located on a nexus of ley lines in southern Deadwind Pass. The tower is best known for its last known occupant — Medivh, the last Guardian of Tirisfal. After Medivh was killed by Khadgar, Lothar and Garona, the tower sealed itself off from the rest of the world. But recently, Karazhan has reawakened — an evil presence has taken the tower as its own, its halls crawling with spirits and demons, and Medivh's presence is still alive and well, even decades after his death.

Karazhan, as a level 70 ten-man raid instance, was opened in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. The instance is huge, scripted, and non-winged, containing twelve boss encounters, with 22 different NPCs. The bosses Moroes, the Opera Event, The Curator, and the Chess Event must be defeated in order, but all other bosses are optional. Anyone above 80 will find Karazhan easily soloable by paladins, druids and death knights, and all classes can do so at level 85 or greater; the exception is the Chess Event which is not gear or level dependent and relies on skill in playing the encounter, along with a little luck and perseverance.

General information

The Karazhan bosses
Karazhan — Medivh's Tower
  • Killing the Shade of Aran makes a teleport to his room available from Berthold the Doorman.
  • Karazhan has a side entrance. When climbing the tower to the right of the main entrance (across the small creek), the stairs lead to a bridge and to a door which can be unlocked from the inside once the Opera Event has been cleared.
  • Medivh's staff — [Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian] can be used to teleport players to the front gate of Karazhan.
  • There is a servants' entrance from the mezzanine above the ballroom that leads to the broken stairway. This door must be opened from the stairway side. While this doesn't help for initial clearing, it can later shorten some paths e.g. from the blacksmith to the Curator, or from Nightbane to Berthold (in order to get to Aran).

Vendors and repair

  • Koren <The Blacksmith>, next to Attumen the Huntsman, will repair gear for players who are Honored with Violet Eye. He also sells some epic Blacksmithing recipes (frost resistance gear). Near him is Calliard who wanders around, babbling how evil Midnight and her owner are.
  • Outside of the Gamesman's Hall (before the Chess Event) is Ythyar, a reagent and The Consortium reputation reward vendor, who can repair gear (however it is worthy to note that Ythyar has no faction attached to him, so no reputation discounts are available — whether this is a bug or intentional is unclear).


The Last Guardian

The Banquet Hall
Karazhan's in-game loading screen

Karazhan was orginally built by Aegwynn, the Guardian of Tirisfal. She used it as a refuge to hide from the Council of Tirisfal after a disagreement. [3]The land it sits on "was similar in shape to a human skull. Many had noted it over the years, though only a few had been sufficiently brave, or powerful, or tactless to mention it to the property's owner".[4]

Karazhan's history begins with an explosion that carved out Deadwind Pass and weakened the fabric of reality in the region.[5] Someone then built the tower, probably to take advantage of this weakened reality and heightened magic. Medivh eventually took up residence there, but mused that the explosion and the construction only happened because he would eventually arrive.[6]

During the First War, the tower was inhabited by Medivh, his steward Moroes, his cook named Cook, and his then-apprentice Khadgar. Garona also resided here as an emissary in the same time of Khadgar's apprenticeship. Sargeras allowed Medivh to freely explore Karazhan. As a result of the region's weakened reality, many strange and disturbing visions lurked within the tower, and Moroes was known for wearing blinders to avoid seeing them. The visions were ultimately ended when most of Karazhan's ambient magical power was absorbed by the resurrected Medivh, reducing it to "a pile of stone in the remote reaches", its power taken to serve the Prophet.[7]

Medivh, the Last Guardian, made his home in Deadwind Pass, in the bright tower of Karazhan. Though he was the greatest wizard of his day (and humanity's intended custodian) Medivh was secretly possessed by the dark spirit of Sargeras, the Destroyer of Worlds. Through Medivh, Sargeras opened the Dark Portal and allowed the orcs to wage war upon the kingdoms of Azeroth.

As the war progressed, Medivh fought against Sargeras' control. The raging conflict within him finally drove the wizard irrevocably insane, until his childhood friend, Anduin Lothar, aided Medivh's young apprentice, Khadgar, in storming Karazhan and slaying their former comrade. Since that day, a terrible curse has pervaded both the tower and the lands around it - casting a dark pall over Deadwind Pass and the region that is now known as Duskwood.

After the fall of Karazhan, the Kirin Tor dispatched an assembly of mages to search the tower and seize all items of import for the purposes of "research." It was then that Atiesh was discovered and brought back to Dalaran.

Warrior: Divided

After the Second War an area, which would later be known as Duskwood and the town of Grand Hamlet (later known as Darkshire), became darkened and surrounded by dark creatures. The people of Grand Hamlet thought the evil was caused by the tower of Karazhan. Several townsfolk ventured there to investigate the tower but they did not return. A paladin named Dougan along his friends Kardan and Voldana entered the tower but the raid failed and resulted in the death of Dougan. While there, time seemed to unfold in strange ways for the trio.

Kardan and Voldana managed to escape, but Dougan did not and was killed inside. He would later discover that anyone who dies inside Karazhan will have their spirit trapped there, unable to escape.

Warrior: United

Years later, Dougan's daughters, Lieren and Loania teleported into the tower only to find the horrors of its curse. Having escaped from Moroes, they found the killer of their father, satyr Terestian Illhoof. They killed him but Loania was hurt. As they were trying to leave they found the ghost of Nielas Aran who tried to kill them. Loania summoned Dougan who protected them while the horrors went after them. The twins teleported out of the Karazhan, leaving Dougan still trapped there.

World of Warcraft

WoW Icon 16x16.png This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft.

In recent years, nobles of Darkshire ventured into Deadwind Pass to investigate the blight that had settled over the region. None who entered the dark tower ever emerged.[8]

Recently, despite Medivh's absence and the draining of magic, a new power seems to have made its home in Karazhan. The Black Riders of Deadwind Pass, though rarely seen, have a connection to Karazhan. However, no one knows who their master is. One recent sighting is cause for concern — the Black Riders seek the  [Scythe of Elune], a powerful artifact with the ability to summon the vile Worgen into this world.

If you traced the ley lines traversing Azeroth, you would find they all converge under Karazhan.[9] However, this is no longer true after Malygos redirected Azeroth's ley lines to the Nexus.

Worldofwarcraft.com says the following about Karazhan:

The decrepit tower of Karazhan once housed one of the greatest powers Azeroth has ever known: the sorcerer Medivh. Since his death, a terrible curse has pervaded the tower and the surrounding lands. The spirits of nobles from nearby Darkshire reportedly walk its halls, suffering a fate worse than death for their curiosity. More dangerous spirits wait within Medivh's study, for it was there that he summoned demonic entities to do his bidding. However, the brave and foolish are still relentlessly drawn to Karazhan, tempted by rumors of unspeakable secrets and powerful treasures. Forge a group of ten stalwart heroes, and journey to the tower in Deadwind Pass — but be warned that only those who have achieved level 70 should dare enter.

Dark Riders

WoW-comic-logo-16x68.png This section concerns content exclusive to the World of Warcraft comics.

Around the time of Shattering, a group of soldiers from the Night Watch militia led by Althea Ebonlocke along with Karlain, Mardigan, Revil Kost and Brink attacked the Dark Riders in Duskwood only to be teleported to Karazhan by one of the Black Riders. While Karlain and Mardigan were watching a cursed vision in the Opera House, the rest battled against the Curator. Brink then found an amulet which he used to return their enemies and the Night Watch back in time preventing the events leading them to engage in battle. Brink and Revil then regrouped with Karlain and Mardigan in the Opera House, witnessing the true vision of Aredhel's death. After this, they teleported out of the cursed tower.


Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

After learning of the Pillars of Creation from Magni Bronzebeard in Ulduar, Khadgar returns to Karazhan with an adventurer to find their location, as knowledge of the pillars had been entrusted to the Guardian of Tirisfal. But Khadgar's reminiscing about his apprenticeship years ago is interrupted when an echo of Medivh himself interferes and brings down Khadgar's wards around the tower, allowing the Burning Legion to invade and try to stop them from finding the Pillars' location. Khadgar is able to alter the tower's defenders to fight off the Burning Legion while he and the adventurer retrieve a book authored by Alodi, the first Guardian, which contains information on the Pillars of Creation.


In The Last Guardian, Karazhan is described as being an isolated tower, no mention of any village around the tower's base. Quite the contrary in fact. Medivh is described as a hermit, rarely taking visitors into Karazhan, yet in World of Warcraft, it seems he held a banquet with many, many guests who, at some point, became undead. It also seems contrary to Medivh's character to have a harem inside Karazhan, yet that's exactly what we find in the Maiden of Virtue's area. We can only assume they were not undead and demons all along. It is possible Prince Malchezaar brought them with him in order to keep Moroes busy and unaware of what was going on, but it seems an odd thing to do. Another possibility is that an unknown tenant of Karazhan, or even the original builder or owner, made use of these features as there is a vision mentioned in the book of drunk people sitting around a table. Also, Karazhan included a bailey which may have had enough room for a small village.[citation needed]

Instance layout

Detailed layout of Karazhan

The following is a compilation of areas in Karazhan and the corresponding bosses of the apparent layout of Karazhan.

A teleporter exists in the person of Berthold the Doorman (in the front entrance of Karazhan), which activates after the Shade of Aran is killed. Berthold can port players back up to Aran's room.

The main entrance
  • The Gatehouse – leads to A1, A2, A3
  • A1: The Livery Stable – Attumen the Huntsman, links to A1+
    • A1+: The Guardhouse and Scullery – links to B2
  • A2: The Servant's Quarters – one of three random animal bosses, leads to B1
  • A3: The Grand Ballroom – leads to B1, B2, and B3
    • B1: The Guest Chambers – the Maiden of Virtue stands watch here
    • B2: The Banquet Hall – Moroes
    • B3: The Opera House – the Opera Event, one of three random stage productions
All paths lead into the Broken Stair
  • AA: The Broken Stair – side entrance unlocked by opera event, leads to AA+, BA
    • AA+: The Master's Terrace – One may summon Nightbane should the need arise... (dead end)
    • BA: The Menagerie – The Curator, leads to CA, CB, CC, ??
  • Random Servant's Quarters Bosses include three bosses that drop epic-level items that can be worse than virtually any level-70 blue. They follow the pattern of green drops (of the Owl, of the Whale). Useful drops are sparse, but they are epic (they can be disenchanted) and can be sold for a few gold, plus every mob gives normal reputation, which is much considering the low difficulty of that area. The bosses are:

You do not have to clear the entire quarters for a boss to spawn. It appears that the boss will spawn after a certain number of kills occurs. Look for an emote, such as 'Hyakiss the Lurker emerges from...' The boss can also spawn multiple times if the quarters continue to get cleared. Killing the maiden does not prevent respawns in this room. NOTE: These bosses, if done previous to any real bosses in Karazhan, will not lock you with a raid ID to Karazhan. The main value of this area is that it helps a new raid group build confidence and quickly levels everyone's reputation to honored so that Koren can be used to repair (something you want the whole raid to be able to do).

To check the week's event without making a real attempt, start it with Barnes, then with one or more people on stage (to die) leave the rest of the raid in the pit below. The person(s) on stage will need to talk to Grandmother to finish starting the Big Bad Wolf, without this person the event can sometimes lock up the doorway and the GMs will not help you. The other two events will engage straight away and the person on stage will die. This can also be accomplished by sending a Hunter to start the event, and then [Feign Death] once the event is started.

Be aware that the conversations between the stagehands do not contain hints about the upcoming event. They will say "need more paint for the Oz set", even if R&J or Wolf is up for the week.

You must kill Moroes before Barnes will allow you to try the Opera Event.

  • How to reach Chess event: After having defeated the Curator, head to the Library, clean your way up the upper part of library until you arrive at Shade door, and continue your way and go down on the first crossroad you encounter.

Built-in zone maps

Karazhan's map was added in patch 4.1.0. It, far and away, has the most floors of any instance with seventeen floors (The next highest is Icecrown Citadel with eight, and a few others with seven).

Dungeon denizens


Karazhan Opera House — note the curtains and pipe organ.
Bosses Monsters NPCs
  • The Scullery
  • The Broken Stair

Related quests

For a description of the entire Karazhan quest chain see: Karazhan Quest Progression

Getting [The Master's Key] opens the following follow-up quests:

  1. N [70] Archmage Alturus
  2. N [70] The Contact from Dalaran
  3. N [70] Khadgar
  4. N [70D] Entry Into Karazhan
  5. N [70D] The Second and Third Fragments
  6. N [70D] The Master's Touch
  7. N [70] Return to Khadgar
  8. N [70] The Violet Eye
  9. N [70R] Assessing the Situation
  10. N [70R] Keanna's Log
  11. N [70R] A Demonic Presence
  12. N [70R] The New Directive

(Must be Honored with the Violet Eye) This is part of the Nightbane quest chain:

  1. N [70R] Medivh's Journal
  2. N [70] In Good Hands
  3. N [70] Kamsis
  4. N [70R] The Shade of Aran
  5. N [70R] The Master's Terrace
  6. N [70] Digging Up the Past
  7. N [70] A Colleague's Aid
  8. N [70H] Kalynna's Request
  9. N [70R] Nightbane

For the old Serpentshrine Cavern attunement:


Main article: Karazhan loot

Tier 4

Tier 4 parts dropped by The Curator (Glove tokens):

Tier 4 parts dropped by Prince Malchezaar (Helm tokens):


The bosses of Karazhan used to drop  [Badge of Justice] in addition to their normal loot. In Karazhan, all bosses dropped two Badges each, except for the animal bosses (zero), Attumen the Huntsman (one) and Prince Malchezaar (three). Since the chest at the Chess Event also contained two badges, a total of 22 Badges could be obtained from clearing the entire instance. From Patch 4.0.1 until Patch 6.0.2 all bosses instead awarded [Justice Points].



  • The tower of Karazhan contains horse head animal motifs in various ornamentation as a reference to Anduin Lothar and the Brotherhood of the Horse.[10]
  • There was some discussion as to who is the final boss of Karazhan, Prince Malchezaar or Nightbane. The Prince drops higher level loot (125 vs. 115) and yields three heroic tokens, the most in the entire instance. On the other hand, Nightbane drops the SSC attunement quest item. The difficulty of the two fights is very similar. With the release of the achievements system, Prince Malchezaar is listed as the boss required for the Karazhan achievement, which is evidence that Blizzard considers him the final boss of the raid instance.
  • In the Opera House, certain mobs will have a spotlight effect, increasing your damage while in the spotlight (for friend and foe) by 20%. On these mobs, it's considered a good strategy for tanks to move the mob out, and run into the spotlight. "stealing the spotlight"
  • In the Opera House, you will meet Barnes <The Stage Manager> on the stage, addressing his ghostly audience. Barnes will then announce the night's presentation. One of three boss presentations will appear, each based on famous stories or tales. "Tonight, things are not what they seem, for tonight, your eyes may not be trusted."
  • After defeating Moroes, and all mobs up to the Opera Event, a mage could use [Invisibility] to stealth past everything to get up there and see what this is.
  • When Karazhan was first announced, there were rumors that an upside-down version of the tower existed, extending down from the bottom floor, deep underground. Whether or not Blizzard actually plans to implement this "Lower Karazhan" remains unknown.
    • It is likely that this is a reference to The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb, a novel which details the last weeks of (living) activity within the tower. Several references are made to an "inverse" of Karazhan which begins at the lowest level and works its way downward, with Medivh's secret chambers lying at the very bottom.
    • It is also possible that this rumor was a nod to the Konami game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, wherein players could fight through an upside-down version of Dracula's Castle after completing the regular version.
    • There exists a building behind the nearby graveyard in which there is a stair downward towards a locked gate. One could (but no longer) go through this gate as a ghost and explore the large area beyond. This is likely to play a part in the future of Karazhan.
    • Karazhan could be based on The Dark Tower from the Stephen King novels.
  • In the first room in the Guest Rooms there is a bed with two skeletons lying in it. Dead roses lay between them, and one has a knife stuck in it, while the other is holding a bottle. This is a reference to Romeo and Juliet.
  • A curious easter egg is hidden below the tower outside the instance. If you can get under it, you can find a Smiley face on the ground.
  • Karazhan was originally planned to play a role in the event preceding the release of Warlords of Draenor, with a phased scenario taking place inside Karazhan. Players would have been sent to Karazhan to investigate its links to the destruction of the Dark Portal. However, this plan was scrapped before the expansion's beta.[11]

Karazhan gryphon roost

The Karazhan gryphon roost.[12]

The Karazhan gryphon roost is left over from the planning phase of Karazhan. Before the teleport to Aran's room was implemented, the original plan was to have a flight path that connected to the top of Karazhan for the convenience of groups who had already cleared most of the instance.[citation needed] With the ability to fly in Azeroth it is now possible to reach the ledge, but the portal is still blocked.

In The Last Guardian, Medivh and Khadgar used the gryphons to reach Stormwind and the Black Morass.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

In The Last Guardian, Medivh theorized that the arcane explosion that formed the crater and the building of Karazhan itself only happened because some day he would come to live there.[6] With the revelation in Chronicle that Aegwynn built the tower and was at least partially manipulated by Sargeras within her,[3] it's possible the construction was all a plan of Sargeras' to eventually use as his base while possessing Medivh. In addition, Sargeras also sent the necrolyte Satiel to turn Deadwind Pass into a magical nexus in the first place,[13] which was the reason it was chosen as Karazhan's location.

Patches and hotfixes

  • Hotfix (2007-02-14): "Fixed an issue with players losing control of the chess pieces in Karazhan."
  • TBC Patch 2.0.3 (2007-01-09): Added.


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