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Lords of War is an animated lore mini-series comparable to The Burdens of Shaohao that tells the backstories of several prominent orcs from Warlords of Draenor, all members of the Iron Horde except for Durotan. The series' framing device is that Vindicator Maraad, having faced all of these orcs before and knowing their history, tells King Varian Wrynn how to fight them. It is a part of the Savage World literature.


Conflict defined the realm of Draenor before the creation of the Dark Portal; fearsome orc clans clashed bloodily with domineering ogres, reverent draenei, and one another. Come face-to-face with a savage world’s most dangerous luminaries… and witness the fateful moments when they made themselves into legends.

Clarified lore issues


Despite some fans arguing that the stories depicted in the lore mini-series only apply to the alternate Draenor, Micky Neilson confirmed that they apply to both universes; otherwise, Maraad couldn't have known about alternate backstories he hadn't experienced.[1][2]

Kilrogg's death-vision contradiction

In Beyond the Dark Portal, it was hinted that Kilrogg had seen himself dying in Auchindoun.[citation needed] When Kilrogg took the final blow (a slice through throat), he grinned.[3] However, the 4th episode of Lords of War showed a death-vision involving the Horde and the Alliance killing the Bleeding Hollow's chieftain in an open area and shown with arrows and spears in his body. By the time of his death he should also had green skin instead of brown as depicted in the video.

The apparent conflict between sources was cleared by Micky Neilson. He explained that the vision depicted in the mini-series was merely a nod to the players, as Maraad didn't know what Kilrogg saw.[4]

Stormfang's fur

Maraad commented that Durotan wore Stormfang's fur until the end of his days. Rise of the Horde, Lord of the Clans, Twilight of the Aspects, nor even Durotan's depiction in the manga Fear described the chieftain with the fur. It is not even possible for Maraad to know if Durotan died with the fur, thus it's possible that it's not meant to be literal.


  • Varian's right shoulder armor was depicted incorrectly in the first episode. It was fixed in the subsequent episodes.


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