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AllianceMagni Bronzebeard
Image of Magni Bronzebeard
Title Lord of Ironforge,
King of Khaz Modan,
King under the Mountain,[citation needed]
Mountain King
Gender Male
Race Mountain dwarf (Humanoid)
Character class Mountain King, Warrior (WoW)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Alliance, Kingdom of Ironforge, Bronzebeard clan, Explorers' Guild
Former affiliation(s) Alliance of Lordaeron
Occupation Lord and Thane of Ironforge, Head of the Bronzebeard clan, Ruler of Khaz Modan, Head of the Senate of Ironforge, Grand Explorer of the Explorer's Guild[1]
Location Ulduar
Status Active
Relative(s) Elder Bronzebeard, Madonran (ancestors), Muradin, Brann (brothers), Moira (daughter), Dagran Thaurissan II (grandson), Anduin Wrynn ("nephew")
"Strength, honor. I see them in you. Why have you come?"

Magni Bronzebeard was the king of the dwarven kingdom of Khaz Modan, Thane of Ironforge and head of the Bronzebeard clan. During the Second War he defended Ironforge from the orcs and joined the Alliance of Lordaeron. He was a founding member of the Explorers' League led by his brother Brann and forged the Ashbringer hoping it would avenge his brother Muradin, who was believed to have fallen before Frostmourne. Magni was turned to diamond during a ritual in the heart of Old Ironforge, sacrificing himself to save Khaz Modan from the Shattering. He was succeeded by the Council of Three Hammers.


The eldest of the three Bronzebeard brothers, Magni was destined to be the king under the mountain. Strong of arm and keen of mind, Magni loved his two brothers above all else in the world. From the time of his youth, Magni the prince was keenly aware of what would be expected of him in the future. This apparently intimidated him and he questioned if he could be the kind of leader Ironforge needed. He even privately wished that his father and brothers would outlive him, and thus their people would have a good king. To look upon the tower of strength and effective leader that King Magni is today, one can scarcely imagine that he was ever a prince full of doubt.[2]

King Magni led the defense of his capital during the Siege of Ironforge in the Second War. Upon the liberation of Ironforge by the forces of the Alliance of Lordaeron he pledged his kingdom's support, his two brothers accompanying the Alliance host.[3] Following the Second War, the rebuilding of Stormwind began. It was evident that travel to and from the north was difficult, as such Magni Bronzebeard had requested Mekkatorque's aid in constructing a faster and easier method of transportation. Gelbin began his work on what would become the Deeprun Tram.[4]

The stoic dwarves of Ironforge spent countless generations mining treasures from deep within the earth. Recently, the dwarves unearthed a series of ruins that held the key to secrets to their ancient heritage. Driven to discover the truth about his people's fabled origins, the great King Magni Bronzebeard ordered that the dwarves shift their industry from mining and engineering to that of archaelogy.[5] Magni helped to create the famed Explorers' Guild of Ironforge, a group utterly devoted to plumbing the secrets of the ancient world and delving out the truth of the dwarves’ fabled existence.[6]

Third War

WoW-comic-logo-16x68.png This section concerns content exclusive to the World of Warcraft comics.

Magni forges the Ashbringer.
Magni Bronzebeard in the Ashbringer comic.

During the Third War, Muradin died in Northrend and Magni learned the truth about Muradin and Arthas; that Arthas himself was responsible for Muradin's death.[7] Magni was overcome with grief at the news of Muradin's demise, but he and the youngest brother, Brann, remained steadfast in their desire to continue serving the dwarven people.

After Muradin's apparent death High Inquisitor Fairbanks and Alexandros Mograine visited King Magni. To avenge Muradin, Magni forged the Ashbringer to oppose Frostmourne, Arthas, and the undead. While Magni never took much stock in the belief that Master dwarven blacksmiths could impart emotions into the weapons they create, standing before The Great Anvil, he found himself thinking of how he would not see Muradin again. He thus harnessed all of his rage, fury, the desire for vengeance, and willed them into being with each strike of his hammer. When he was finished, he gave Mograine the finest blade that had ever been crafted by his hand.[7] This would confirm that he is, at the very least, a skilled weaponsmith of the highest degree.

For at least part of the Third War, Magni fought alongside Chen Stormstout and declared him to be a friend of Ironforge.[8]

World of Warcraft

WoW Icon 16x16.png This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft.

King Magni Bronzebeard in World of Warcraft.

King Magni Bronzebeard was a level ?? (Boss) quest giver located in the High Seat in the Great Forge in the dwarven capital city of Ironforge.

The dwarves of Ironforge allowed the gnomes led by Gelbin Mekkatorque to remain in Ironforge and they were granted a part of the city. Magni also asked Gelbin to participate the Brewfest festival.

Brann, an explorer of some renown and brother of King Magni, went missing for months, and King Magni had lost hope that he still lived. Though he remains a wise and strong leader, his pain and sorrow weigh heavily upon him. Many dwarves wonder whether the kingdom will ever see another Bronzebeard sitting on the throne of Ironforge.[9] Recently, the intrepid Brann popped up once more, seeming to have survived his Silithus venture and somehow getting the base of Atiesh into C'Thun's otherworldly carapace. Much to Magni's dismay and a series of agonized groans from the Explorers' League, Brann has again managed to misplace himself within Northrend.

King Magni's only child, Moira Bronzebeard, was captured by Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, and was thought to be kidnapped while under a magical spell. King Magni sent the adventurers of the Alliance to find Kharan Mighthammer the escort of his daughter.[10] He learned that the dark iron dwarves were behind the capture. Magni later sent a team to assassinate Emperor Thaurissan and retrieve Moira. When the team sent word back, he was shocked to discover that Moira refused to return to Ironforge and that she and Emperor Thaurissan had in fact, fallen in love. He also learned that they had conceived a child.[11] Because of that, Magni's grand heir will apparently be a dwarf who is both the heir of the King of Ironforge and the Emperor of Blackrock.

Upon the death of Sully Balloo his wife, Sara Balloo, pleaded the king. Magni had a memorial built for the deceased warrior.[12] At some point in the past, Magni tried to make contact with the Timbermaw tribe of furbolg on behalf of the Alliance.[13]

King Magni also authorized Grelin Whitebeard to deal with the troll problem in Dun Morogh.[14]

During the events of the Burning Crusade, the dwarf Rom swore an oath to Magni, pledging to investigate the dark unrest in Grim Batol.[15]

World of Warcraft: The Comic

WoW-comic-logo-16x68.png This section concerns content exclusive to the World of Warcraft comics.

Magni Bronzebeard in World of Warcraft: The Comic.

Magni sent Thargas Anvilmar to Menethil Harbor to meet a ship and its passengers from Theramore and to deliver them to Ironforge.[16]

Magni had diplomatically approached Stormwind for assistance against the ever increasing Dark Iron threat, citing their destruction and control of Thandol Span. Much to his frustration, his pleas fell on deaf ears. While Highlord Bolvar Fordragon concurred with the dwarven king, Lady Katrana Prestor, adviser to the recently returned King Varian Wrynn, accused Magni of trying to involve Stormwind in the dwarves' personal war, and refused to send reinforcements. Luckily, Jaina had already informed Magni of the appearance of Lo'Gosh, who was also thought to be the real King Varian Wrynn.[17]

Lo'Gosh and his companions attacked the Dark Iron Dwarves, with Magni and his team later later joining the attack. Together they defeated the Dark Iron that had controlled Thandol Span.[18] Magni then brought Lo'Gosh and his companions to Ironforge and told them about the disappearance of Marshal Windsor. It was then revealed that Magni and Bolvar were in contact through a Scrying Glass and discussed the matter of Windsor and the Black Dragons. He was present when Lo'Gosh decided to go to the Blackrock Depths in search of the missing Windsor. Magni promised them to watch over fel-tainted Valeera and granted her a sanctuary in Ironforge.[19]

War against the Lich King

Muradin, Magni and Brann reunited.

When the Lich King awoke, he sent his Scourge into all corners of Azeroth. During the Scourge invasion on the capital cities, Magni sent troops of fliers to Stormwind.[20]

To defeat the Plague and necropolises, members of the Church of the Holy Light traveled to Shattrath and created an artifact of the Naaru's Light. Adventurers of the Alliance delivered it to Magni to defend Ironforge. Magni swore that he would find Muradin.

WotLK This section concerns content exclusive to Wrath of the Lich King.

Magni also appears briefly at the frost dwarf stronghold of Frosthold in the Storm Peaks during A [80] The Brothers Bronzebeard as being reunited with Muradin and Brann.

WoW-comic-logo-16x68.png This section concerns content exclusive to the World of Warcraft comics.

The pandaren made a lasting impression on the king, so much so that years later, during the war against the Lich King and the Brewfest, he declared Chen's niece Li Li and his old friend Strongbo as friends of the kingdom. Magni was kind and provided them a goblin zeppelin to Kalimdor.[8]

Legends: Nightmares

WoW-manga-logo.png This section concerns content exclusive to the World of Warcraft manga.

When the Emerald Nightmare invaded the mortal realm in the form of a magical mist and trapped Azeroth's sleeping denizens in their nightmares, Magni became one of its victims. In a nightmare caused by the Emerald Nightmare, Magni dreamt that he led a team through Blackrock Depths to rescue Moira and slay Dagran Thaurissan. In regards to her son, it seems that while he accepts that the child will be born, it would be banished forever from the kingdom. He would not allow a son of Dagran Thaurissan to inherit the throne of Ironforge. Upon hearing this, Moira stabs Magni to death in defense of her son. Moira reveals that her half dark iron son, "Fenran", was only meant to watch over the throne until her new baby is born, whom she reveals to be the child of Ragnaros.[21]

Elemental Unrest

WotLK This section concerns content exclusive to Wrath of the Lich King.

He was present at the Elemental Unrest meeting in Stormwind and informed the other Alliance leaders about the Tablets of Ulduar. During the exploration of Ulduar, the dwarves found a set of mystical tablets created by the Titans. During the Elemental Invasion, Magni protected the Commons of Ironforge from the Elements. He also assisted Alliance players in the destruction of Crown Princess Theradras and Grand Ambassador Flamelash.

The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

Magni Bronzebeard turns to diamond.

When freak natural disasters began rocking much of Azeroth just prior to the Cataclysm, the dwarven lands were not spared from the calamitous upheavals. A series of violent quakes tore through areas surrounding Ironforge, reducing settlements to rubble and taking the lives of many innocent dwarves in the process. Anduin Wrynn was under the guardianship of Magni at the time. Magni instructed a female dwarf Aerin to be Anduin's guard and trainer. Aerin explained to Anduin that Magni never wanted a daughter, but Moira was a female and when she was kidnapped, Magni took it very hard. Ever since, Magni changed his beliefs about the capabilities of the female sex and because of this, Aerin and some other qualified women were promoted into the Elite Guard. After Aerin's death, Magni called Anduin to his chamber, where he gave him the mace Fearbreaker which "liked" Anduin. Magni knew and liked Anduin since he was little and he allowed him to call him uncle.

Next day, to glean answers as to the troubling state of the world, King Magni selflessly underwent a mystic Titan ritual to commune with the earth by activating the Ulduar tablet. Magni, Anduin, Advisor Belgrum, High Priest Rohan, Muninn Magellas, and Reyna Stonebranch ventured into the heart of the earth, Old Ironforge, where the ritual would be taking place. First, Belgrum read out the majority of the tablet's words, which had been transcribed on a scroll, then Magni drank a potion and spoke the words to activate the ritual in the earthen's language.

And here are the why and the how, to again become one with the mountain. For behold, we are the earthen, of the land, and its soul is ours, its pain is ours, its heartbeat is ours. We sing its song and weep for its beauty. For who would not wish to return home? That is the why, O children of the earth.

Here is the how. Go you to the heart of the earth. Find you these herbs three: mountain silversage, black lotus, and ghost mushroom. With a finger's pinch of the soil that nourished them, consume the draft. Speak these words with true intent, and the mountain shall reply. And so it shall be that you shall become as you once were. You shall return home, and you shall become one with the mountain.

"Within me is the earth itself. We are one. I am of it and it of me. I listen for the mountain's reply."[22]

Subsequently he heard hundreds of voices. The resulting thought that Magni´s plan was working, though something unexpected happened. Magni turned into diamond, his statue-like form fused into the diamond heart of Ironforge itself, and every one witnessed his selfless sacrifice.

The tablet was far more literal than any of the translators had realized. The ritual is actually a process for Earthen to once again become part of the very material they had been crafted from by the titans; the very crust of Azeroth.

Magni's funeral service was held shortly thereafter, attended by leaders and representatives of the Alliance, goblins, and even the Horde (a tauren and a sin'dorei who were known to be moderate individuals), as a token of Warchief Thrall's respect.

To compound this tragedy, Magni's estranged daughter Moira returned, claiming her father's throne for herself and for her infant dark iron son. In an effort to prevent further political turmoil, the Council of Three Hammers was established to succeed Magni.

Paragon of Stone

Magni, petrified in Old Ironforge.

On the Azeroth's Fortune mini-game page of the Cataclysm homepage, one fortune speaks of Magni activating the tablet.

When the winds scream and the stones shudder, the mountain king shall look to the earth for reasons why. He shall taste the soil beneath his feet and ask its advice in a tongue no longer his own. In reply, he shall be made one with his past and transformed into a paragon among mere stone.

Old Ironforge

Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Old Ironforge has been opened and Magni can be found, petrified. Advisor Belgrum and Honor Guard Dunstad are there with him.

Advisor Belgrum says: This was my fault, my lord. I should've done more research on those tablets...

During the Children's Week, Randis wants to see the petrified Magni.

Charge of the Aspects

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

When Thrall's essence raced headlong through the leagues and leagues of earth that unfurled around him during his meditation he moved beneath the Eastern Kingdoms. There a presence stirred in the mountains of Khaz Modan. The spirit there was strong, but it was not an elemental. It was, strangely, like Thrall: a mortal who had transcended the bounds of flesh. The unknown being patrolled the ancient earth of the region as if it was keeping a silent vigil over the land. It spoke in a dwarven accent that echoed across Azeroth. "For behold, we are earthen, o' the land, and its soul is ours, its pain is ours, its heartbeat is ours..."[23]


Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

Icon-warning-22x22.png This section contains spoilers. Major plot details and/or summaries follow. If you wish to experience the content on your own, do not read this section.

Moira approached Magni, still petrified, to speak to him as she often does when times are trying. However, with a mighty crash Magni awoke, albeit still made of crystal. With a voice like a mountainslide, Magni told Moira and Advisor Belgrum that he now speaks for the land and is a part of Azeroth itself. After giving a dire warning about the Legion's return to Moira, Falstad, and Muradin, Magni left for Ulduar.[24]


Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft in patch 4.0.3a.

He started the following quests:

He ended the quest A [100] The Feast of Winter Veil (Feast of Winter Veil).

In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG and is considered non-canon.

He was one of the heroes during the Second War, often directly leading his people into battle.[25] During the fall of the Kingdom of Lordaeron, his middle brother, Muradin, was reportedly slain in Northrend. Prince Arthas Menethil sent a letter to Magni stating that Muradin was slain by undead, but thanks to his sacrifice Arthas was able to obtain Frostmourne and would be returning to Lordaeron shortly. The letter also indicated that Muradin's body would be returned, though this never happened.[26]


  • For Khaz'Modan!
  • Feel the fury of the mountain!
  • Strength, honor. I see them in you. Why have you come?
  • What brings you to Ironforge?
  • How can the dwarves help you?
  • What do you seek within the mountain?

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft trailer

"Me brothers say I spend too much time in the forge. They think it ain't befitting a king. Hah! Ye don't forge legendary weapons like mine while sitting on a throne. The lands of Khaz Modan are mine, and when I bring the pain, lads, it's HAMMER TIME!"


A card back themed after Magni in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.
  •  [Prince Magni Bronzebeard's Silver Coin] can be fished from the Dalaran fountain. It bears a wish from when he was younger: "I hope that my father and brothers outlive me. I'll not make much of a king."
  • King Magni was depicted with green eyes in The Comic.
  • Hulfdan Blackbeard calls him "Stinkbeard".[27]
  • "By Magni's beard!" is a common dwarven expression.[28][29][30][31]
  • Magni is voiced by Carlos Larkin.
  • In Norse mythology, Magni is one of Thor's two sons, and one of the few gods who will survive Ragnarök. Along with his brother, Módi, he will wield his father's legendary hammer Mjölnir after Ragnarök.
  • Magni was known as the "King under the Mountain". In Tolkien's Middle-earth, the dwarven rulers of the lonely mountain of Erebor used the same title.
  • Magni is featured in DC Unlimited's World of Warcraft: Series 6 action figure set.
  • In Heroes of the Storm, Muradin has a skin called "Magni Muradin".[32]
  • Magni is the alternate hero (player character) for the warrior class in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and the first alternate hero to be revealed.[33] His flavor text reads: "Lord of Ironforge, King of Khaz Modan. Grand Explorer. Moira's Dad. Most Huggable Leader."
    • Purchasing Magni also unlocks the Magni card back. The flavor text reads: "As the eldest of the three Bronzebeard brothers, Magni always got the coolest toys. He always shared, though!"
  • At the presentation of World of Warcraft: Legion at Gamescom 2015 during the showcase of Artifact weapons, the description of the "master" variation of the Ashbringer called "Purified Ashbringer" states that Magni forged the blade and that he can reforge it to make it stronger than ever, hinting that he might return during the expansion.[34]
    • However, Dave Kosak stated not to take the UI as the final lore.[35] Despite the statement, Magni's story continues in the expansion.

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The only place where this is visible is in Frosthold during A [80] The Brothers Bronzebeard.


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