Master Shang Xi

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NeutralShang Xi
Image of Shang Xi
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 393,000
Reaction Friendly
Location Wandering Isle
Status Alive;
Deceased[1] after N [8] Passing Wisdom
Student(s) Ji Firepaw, Aysa Cloudsinger, Pandaren adventurer

"You've come far, my young student. I see within you a great hero. I leave the fate of this land to you."

Master Shang Xi is an elderly pandaren monk and quest giver found on the Wandering Isle. Shang is the sensei of many aspiring Pandaren adventurers on the Wandering Isle including the player, Ji Firepaw and Aysa Cloudsinger. He is at least partially involved in most of the quests in the zone. After finally making his way to the Wood of Staves and passing on his wisdom to his greatest student, he passes on.

Li Li Stormstout got into trouble with him several times but he always forgave her. She described him as very noble and brave pandaren.[2]



  • It is good to see you, my student.
  • Forget injuries. Never forget kindnesses.
  • Our greatest trials yet lay before us.
  • Where you pass, greatness follows.
  • My time is passing...but your time approaches swiftly.
  • You need a lesson in manners.
  • You disappoint me, student.
  • Farewell, my student.
  • This broken world hungers for your insight as it teeters of the brink of war.
  • Find strength in your new allies.
  • Do your race proud.
  • Remember well, the lessons of the Wandering Isle.


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