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Sources: Mists of Pandaria

Mushans are reptilian beast creatures found on Pandaria. They are very similar to the kodo and are used as beasts of burden by many of the races on the land, including the pandaren.


Mushan are distant relatives to the kodo, taking on their own evolutionary line after Pandaria split from the rest of Azeroth.

For years pandaren believed these creatures to be untameable. Just ask the first pandaren to do so, Hemshi "Limp Along" Homebrew.[1]

Notable mushan


As a mount

The Son of Galleon drops from Combat Salyis's Warband in Valley of the Four Winds. A  [Oddly-Shaped Horn] drops from Combat Sungraze Behemoth on the border between the Jade Forest and the Valley of the Four Winds. You will mount a behemoth that will run at 440% ground speed (slightly slower than Master Riding flight speed!) for 20 seconds then dismount you automatically, and does so per charge. The best use for these things is likely to run quickly from one quest hub to another. If you obtain one with Pandaria flying, they are nice for a laugh but that's about it.


  • Mushan (牡山, mǔshān) is Chinese for "male mountain animal."
  • Mushan urine is a great, natural antiseptic.[2]
  • Mushan tongue is rich in the nutrients that promote brain growth in kunchong, but they normally eat the beasts whole and fill up quickly.[3]