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Image of Nezir
Title <Lord of the North Wind>
Gender Male
Race Djinn (Elemental)
Level ?? Boss
10 7,300,820
10H 11,595,420
25 25,767,600
25H 41,228,160
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Throne of the Four Winds
Main article: Conclave of Wind

Nezir is a mighty djinn that commands the winds of the North.


  • Spell frost frostshock.png  Wind Chill — Deals 4750 to 5250 Frost damage to all enemies within 100 yards and increases all Frost damage taken by 10% for 30 sec. Stacks.
  • Spell ice rune.png  Permafrost — Channels a blast of Frost at Nezir's current target, dealing 9500 to 10500 Frost damage per second in a cone towards that target for 3 sec.
  • Spell frost freezingbreath.png  Ice Patch — Deals 7125 to 7875 Frost damage per second to all enemies within 20 yards, slowing their movement speed by 10% . This effect stacks. Lasts 3 sec.
  • Spell frost arcticwinds.png  Sleet Storm — (Full energy) Deals 28500 to 31500 Frost damage per second to all targets within 100 yards. This damage is divided among all targets. Lasts 15 sec.


The honor of slaying the interlopers shall be mine, brothers! Their feeble bodies will freeze solid from my wind's icy chill!
Full power reached
The power of our winds, UNLEASHED!
No one on Platform
You throw away your honor and flee as cowards? Then die!
Killing a player
  • Another mortal has taken their last breath!
  • Frozen solid.
Low energy
The intruders stand fast, brothers. I cannot break them. Allow me a brief respite to strengthen my winds.

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