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For tactics for Nielas Aran's fight in Karazhan, see Shade of Aran.
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Character class

Court conjurer of Stormwind


Medivh (son), Aegwynn (lover), Fordred Aran (?), Med'an (grandson)

Nielas Aran was the court conjurer of Stormwind, advisor to the throne, acolyte of the Order of Tirisfal, and father and teacher of the sorcerer Medivh. Of all the mages, wizards, conjurers, and sorcerers, he had the most potential to protect and strengthen Medivh.[1]


Nielas Aran killed from the blacklash of both Sargeras's and the Guardian's power awakening within Medivh in World of Warcraft comic.

Meeting with Aegwynn

Aegwynn planned to give birth to a son whom she would divest her power to. She had no intention of allowing the Order of Tirisfal to manipulate her successor as they had tried to manipulate her. Traveling to the southern nation of Azeroth, Aegwynn found the perfect man to father her son: a skilled human magician known as Nielas Aran.[2] Aegwynn thought he would be the perfect mortal father to her son, and so he was.[3] By the time Aegwynn met him, Aran was the court conjurer and advisor for Azeroth's king, Landen Wrynn. Aegwynn seduced the magician and conceived a son by him. The next day she told him that she had just used him and now leaves him. Nielas's natural affinity for magic would run deep within the unborn child and define the tragic steps the child would later take. The power of Tirisfal was also implanted in the child, yet it wasn't to awaken until he reached physical maturity.


Aegwynn left the baby Medivh in the care of his father and his people at Stormwind Keep.[3] On the eve of Medivh's Age of Ascension, Medivh awoke to fevered dreams, and sought his father. Upon merely touching the boy, a backlash of energies poured from the child, and only the combined powers of a hundred clerics and the Conjurer himself were able to properly contain him.[4] Medivh and Nielas were locked in a magical trance for hours or possibly days, before, finally, they both collapsed. Nielas was dead, drained of all life, and Medivh was in a deep sleep. Medivh was taken to Northshire to be tended by the Clerics.[5]

Trapped in Karazhan

Nielas Aran is dead, but he does not slumber peacefully in death; a boss called the Shade of Aran — a white-haired human mage - appears in the Guardian's Library in Medivh's tower of Karazhan. It has been confirmed that this ghost is in fact that of Nielas Aran, though how he became trapped in his son's tower is unknown. After arriving in Karazhan, he took Medivh's Journal from Kamsis and now carries it with him.

Warrior: United

WoW-manga-logo.png This section concerns content exclusive to the World of Warcraft manga.

At some point, his ghosts was approached by Loania and Lieren looking for their father Dougan. Furious, he attacked them and try to manipulate only to be saved by the ghost of Dougan. Aran commented that he is forever trapped in the tower, always shifting.[6]

In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG and is considered non-canon.

Nielas Aran is described as an Archmage of Kirin Tor.[7]


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It is possible, considering that it was well known that mysterious visions lurked the halls of Karazhan, that Nielas' spirit was drawn to the tower because of a vision experienced by Khadgar decades before - showing Nielas and Aegwynn shortly after Medivh was conceived. Alternatively, Nielas's death could have occurred within Karazhan and his spirit simply remained there.