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Observer (warlock minion)

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For Observer lore, see Observer. For the spell to summon an Observer, see [Summon Observer].

The Observer is a demonic minion, available at level 75. It is unlocked by the talent [Grimoire of Supremacy] and replaces the Felhunter.


As a warlock minion, the Observer possesses three abilities replacing those of the Felhunter.


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  • "Hahaha... Observe..."
  • "Watch this!"
  • "Ooooh... Delicious..."
  • "Yes, master."
  • "Goodbye, master..."
  • "I will await your call."
  • "Ahh.. Did you see that? Hehe..."
  • "Ah ah ah... I see what you did there."
  • "Behold my power!"
  • "Destroy..."
  • "As you wish..."
  • "Delicious magics...."
  • "Send me... at your enemies."
  • "I serve your will..."
  • "Where do you want me... to go?"
  • "A new place to see!"

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