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For the Halls of Valor boss encounter, see Odyn (tactics). For the Trial of Valor boss encounter, see Odyn (Trial of Valor tactics).
Image of Odyn
Title All-Father[1]
Gender Male
Race Titanic watcher
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Prime Designate
Location Various Locations
Status Alive
Relative(s) Tyr (brother),[2] Thorim, Loken (sons),[3] Helya (adopted daughter)[4]

Odyn is one of the Titan Keepers and is located in the Broken Isles. He rules the Halls of Valor, and was cursed by Helya to be trapped there along with his valarjar army. Despite this curse, however, Odyn could leave the halls in the form of a vrykul named Havi for long periods of time,[5] or under his true form in short bursts. He is referred to as storm god.[6]


Odyn is one of the titan-forged who were empowered by the Pantheon and thus became Keeper. He led the titan-forged armies against the forces of the Old Gods. He was imbued with the powers of Aman'Thul. Together with Tyr, he battled and defeated Ragnaros the Firelord and devised the final plan to bring down Yogg-Saron.[7] For his leadership, determination and courage, he was granted the title of Prime Designate, leader of the titan-forged on Azeroth, and was tasked with watching Yogg-Saron's prison and maintaining the Forge of Wills. Odyn gifted Hymdall with the Gjallarhorn, and if it is sounded, the Keepers are oathbound to answer its call, as it signals that the end times are upon Azeroth.[3]

When the other Keepers decided to ask the Pantheon to empower the Dragon Aspects for their heroism against Galakrond, Odyn was vehemently against it, stating that only titan-forged could be trusted to defend Azeroth. The Aspects were empowered despite his objections, and so Odyn took a section of Ulduar and raised it into the sky, creating the Halls of Valor. He told the vrykul that those who died a worthy death in battle would have their spirits brought to the Halls and given new immortal bodies infused with the power of the storm to fight as his Valarjar, which Odyn thought would be better defenders than the dragons. In order to retrieve the spirits of the deceased, Odyn would need vrykul to volunteer to become Val'kyr and take those spirits from the Shadowlands. The vrykul objected, and Odyn's adopted daughter, the titan-forged Helya, tried to talk him out of it. Instead, Odyn transformed Helya into the first Val'kyr and ordered her to do the job for him.

Helya nursed resentment against Odyn for thousands of years, until the day Loken, a Keeper who was being manipulated by Yogg-Saron, convinced her to turn against him. Helya used the same magic that had been used to lock the Elemental Plane to seal Odyn and his Valarjar army inside the Halls of Valor, and then decided to take vrykul souls in her new realm Helheim. Helya would be replaced by Eyir as the leader of the val'kyr, and Loken would go on to steal Odyn's title of Prime Designate.[8]


Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

Odyn, still trapped within the Halls of Valor, has one of his val'kyr rescue a warrior champion from the brink of death. This hero is not trapped in the Halls of Valor like Odyn and his Valarjar, and so Odyn names them the leader of the Valarjar in the battle against the Burning Legion. Odyn also tests class leaders several times. The first time in disguise as Havi in Stormheim to test their valor, might and will in order to judge if they are worthy of crossing the Gates of Valor, then in a duel in the Halls of Valor to judge if they are worthy of wielding the  [Aegis of Aggramar].

After it is discovered that Helya has learned to turn Odyn's Stormforged Valarjar into Kvaldir, Odyn decides that he has had enough of her games. After one final test in the Halls of Valor, he sends the class leaders into Helheim to put an end to her for good. After Helya's defeat Odyn is freed from his entrapment within the Halls and expresses a desire to return to Ulduar to meet with his fellow Keepers.

Odyn, as Havi, was one of the order hall champions who met Khadgar and Velen at Krasus' Landing to discuss the Pillars of Creation.[9]

Odyn invites Huntmaster of the Unseen Path to attend the Night of the Wilds, an event where the spirits of beasts of legend rise in the Fields of the Eternal Hunt.[10] He also tests the Battlelord of his Valarjar as part of an annual trial to determine the strongest warrior in the land.[11]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Skyhold 111 52,681,028
Stormheim 101 - 110 19,654,733
Helya's Throne  ??
LFR Scales
Normal + Scales
Heroic + Scales
Mythic 776,646,208



  • "Cleverness is useless without strength of arms!"[12]
  • "What victories do you bring me?"
  • "Have you brought valor to these halls?"
  • "Tell me of your battles."
  • "My Valarjar."
  • "You'll think it less funny plummeted back to Azeroth..."
  • "Want to try that from the bottom of my boot?"
  • "Bring us tales of victory."
  • "May your battles be glorious."
  • "Go on my champion."
  • "Remember: Live is nothing without Valor."


  • Odyn is an obvious reference to Odin, the chief deity of Norse mythology.
    • While disguised as Havi, Odyn is accompanied by two ravens named Huginn and Muninn. In Norse myth, these ravens belonged to Odin and flew across the world, known as Midgard, to bring him information. In the Legion alpha he had a dragon named Slepnar which referred to Odin's eight-legged horse Sleipnir.
    • Only one of Odyn's eyes glow, a reference to how Odin gouged out one of his own eyes in payment to drink from Mimir's well, which can grant knowledge.
  • Odyn is voiced by Tony Amendola.
  • In the Seat of Ascension, Odyn is flanked by four vrykul kings; King Bjorn, King Haldor, King Ranulf, and King Tor. These are the four kings that King Ymiron calls on in Utgarde Pinnacle.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Odyn may or may not be justified in his mistrust of mortals, beings of flesh and dragons, as they are the ones that brought the Legion to Azeroth and that sundered the continent. The Aspects he was so vehemently against the creation of also ended up being some of the greatest foes Azeroth ever faced: Neltharion became Deathwing and shattered the world, Nozdormu will become Murozond and will seek to destroy the very timeline, Malygos tried to redirect all ley lines to the Nexus and aimed at getting rid of all users of magic on the planet, and Ysera was corrupted by the Emerald Nightmare. It is ironic that 3 out of 5 of the Aspects would end up corrupted by the Old Gods when they were specifically created to defend the planet against them.


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