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An organization is any group of creatures in Warcraft lore that are associated by some characteristic, be it clan, family, politics, religion, tribe, etc.

Unlike factions, organizations are not all tracked in World of Warcraft by reputation.

Alliance organizations

For more organizations in the Grand Alliance, see Alliance organizations



Horde organizations

For more organizations in the New Horde, see Horde organizations




Current Ruler: Bolvar Fordragon

Crypt fiends of Azjol-Nerub

Traitor King: Anub'arak

Scourge Forces

Cult of the Damned

Last Leader: Kel'Thuzad

Death knight orders

Allied Organizations

Burning Legion

Current Leader: Sargeras

Kael'thas Sunstrider's blood elves

Last Leader: Kael'thas Sunstrider

Satyr groups

First Satyr: Xavius

Shadow Council

Last Leaders: Grandmaster Vorpil† (Outland), Fel'dan† (Azeroth)

Magtheridon's Forces

Last Leader: Magtheridon



Current Leader: Pantheon


Current Dragon Queen: Alexstrasza

Ulduar Titan-forged

Last prime designate of Azeroth: Loken

Illidan's forces

Last Leader: Illidan Stormrage

Illidari Blood elves

Last Leaders: Illidari Council

Illidari Demons

Illidari Draenei

Illidari Naga

Last Leader: Lady Vashj

Fel Horde

Last Warchief: Kargath Bladefist

Old Gods' forces

Active Old Gods: N'Zoth

Black dragonflight

Current Black Aspect: Deathwing


Old god C'thun


Current Empress of Nazjatar: Queen Azshara

Twilight's Hammer cult

Last Leader: Cho'gallTwilight Prophet

Iron army

Old god Yogg-saron


Elemental Lord of fire: Ragnaros


Elemental Lord of air: Al'Akir

Trade Coalition

Current Leader: the Trade Princes

Steamwheedle Cartel

Owner: Trade Prince Steamwheedle

Other Businesses

Troll Empire

Current leader: Rastakhan; Zul

Amani Empire

Current Chieftain: Daakara

Gurubashi Empire

Current Leader: Jin'do the Godbreaker


Current Frost King: Malakk

Other troll tribes

Shattrath City

Current Ruler: A'dal

Abyssal Maw

Elemental Lord of water: Neptulon


Elemental Lord of earth: Therazane


Current Leader: Tusklord Hrak'kar


Current Leaders: Council of Six

Racials Groups

Arakkoa groups

Broken tribes

Centaur clans

Draenei Lost Ones tribes

Dragonflight groups

Ethereal groups

Furbolg tribes

Giant groups

Gilgoblin groups

Gnoll tribes

Gorloc tribes

Harpy groups

Kobold groups

Magnataur herds

Makrura tribes

Murloc tribes

Nerubian survivor groups

Ogre clan/tribes

Orc clans

Quilboar tribes

Snobold groups

Sporeling groups

Tol'vir tribes

Trogg groups

Wolvar tribes

Worgen groups

Animal groups


Worg packs




Mercenary and Criminal Organizations

Class based Organizations

Profession based Organizations

Historical factions

These factions have either been destroyed or disbanded.

Former Alliance and Horde Organizations

War of the Ancients

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