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Many of the API functions which are used to gather information about a unit in the game world (Players, NPC's, Monsters, etc) will return information about types of powers that various units use as a basis for using abilities.


These are found in FrameXML\Constants.lua.

Variable Value Description
SPELL_POWER_MANA 0 Mana will range from 0 to the maximum mana a unit has. Player mana pools are calculated based on a base mana pool plus a certain amount given by the Intellect stat. This is the default power type for most non-player units, although there are exceptions.
SPELL_POWER_RAGE 1 Rage is used by Warriors and Druids in bear form. Rage goes from 0 to 100, but may be increased via player talents. Rage degenerates back to 0 out of combat.
SPELL_POWER_FOCUS 2 Focus is used by Hunters and their pets. Focus goes from 0 to 100, and has a slow regeneration rate, but certain abilities will generate focus.
SPELL_POWER_ENERGY 3 Energy is used by Rogues, Monks, and Druids in cat form. Energy goes from 0 to 100, but may be increased via player talents.
SPELL_POWER_COMBO_POINTS 4 WoD Combo Points are used by Rogues and Druids in cat form. Combo Points goes from 0 to 5, but can increase up to 8 with talents. This value was previously used for hunter pets' happiness, which was deprecated in Cataclysm.
SPELL_POWER_RUNES 5 WotLK Runes are used as a power type for Death Knights. By default, they have 6 runes (1 & 2 are blood, 3 & 4 are frost, 5 & 6 are unholy), but certain talents and abilities may change the type of a rune. Runes can be converted into a Death Rune, which can be used as any other type of rune.
SPELL_POWER_RUNIC_POWER 6 WotLK Runic Power is used by Death Knights. It is gained via certain abilities.
SPELL_POWER_SOUL_SHARDS 7 WotLK Soul Shards are collected by Affliction Warlocks, and range from 1 to 3 (4 with [[Glyph of Soul Shards), represented the number of completely filled Soul Shards. If a third argument "true" is included in UnitPower or UnitPowerMax, the return will instead range from 0 to 300 (400 with Glyph of Soul Shards. Each 100 represents a full shard. All abilities that return or consume shards add or subtract 100 from this value. The only time the other digits come into play is from out-of-combat shard regen (which regens at a rate of 5 per second, or a full shard every 20 seconds).
SPELL_POWER_LUNAR_POWER 8 Legion Astral Power is used by Druids in moonkin form. Eclipse power goes from -100 to 100, and its use as solar or lunar power is determined by what buff is active on the player. Buffs activate at -100 and 11 respectively and remain on the player until the power crosses the 0 threshold.
SPELL_POWER_HOLY_POWER 9 WotLK Holy Power is used by Paladins.
ALTERNATE_POWER_INDEX 10 Cataclysm New power type since Cataclysm. Known uses: sound level on Atramedes, corruption level on Cho'gall, consumption level while in Iso'rath.
SPELL_POWER_ALTERNATE_POWER 10 MoP The new (renamed) variable representing alternate power in Mists of Pandaria
SPELL_POWER_MAELSTROM 11 Legion New Shaman Resource in Legion.
SPELL_POWER_CHI 12 MoP The power type for the Chi resource, used by Monks.
SPELL_POWER_INSANITY 13 Legion Insanity are used by Shadow Priests.
SPELL_POWER_OBSOLETE 14 MoP Burning Embers are used by Destruction Warlocks. Value returned will range from 1 to 3 (4 with  [Glyph of Burning Embers], representing number of completely filled Burning Embers. If a third argument "true" is included with UnitPower or UnitPowerMax, the value will instead range from 0 to 30 (40 with  [Glyph of Burning Embers]), representing the individual segments in each Ember. Each Ember has 10 segments, and most effects that generate Embers generate 1 segment per effect (for example, a cast of Incinerate generates one segment, so 10 casts generates a full Ember). Legion Now Obsolete
SPELL_POWER_OBSOLETE2 15 MoP [Demonic Fury] is used by Demonology Warlocks. Value returned will range from 0 to 1000.Legion Now Obsolete
SPELL_POWER_ARCANE_CHARGES 16 Legion Arcane Mage resource.
SPELL_POWER_FURY 17 Legion Vengeance Demon Hunter.
SPELL_POWER_PAIN 18 Legion Havoc Demon Hunter.


There are two other types, AMMOSLOT and FUEL, as returned by UnitPowerType. These are used by vehicles, but do not appear to have a constant associated with them.


  • The differentiation between these power types in the API was added in patch 4.0