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Prophet of the Flame

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NeutralProphet of the Flame
Image of Prophet of the Flame
Character class

The Prophet of the Flame appears on a hill in the Ashen Fields of the Molten Front. The prophet takes on the form of one the bosses in the Firelands raid, including Ragnaros himself.


  • Avatar of Baleroc
  • Avatar of Ragnaros
  • Avatar of Rhyolith
  • Avatar of Shannox
  • Avatar of Staghelm


  • Prophet of the Flame says: None escape the rage of the Firelands!
  • Prophet of the Flame says: Kneel before the burning flame!
  • Prophet of the Flame says: Witness the majesty of flame!
Takes on an avatar
  • Avatar of Rhyolith says: Shadows the old!
  • Avatar of Rhyolith says: Crush crush crush!
  • Avatar of Rhyolith says: Stomp and burn! Stomp and burn!
  • Avatar of Rhyolith says: Shear the flesh from their tiny frames!
  • Avatar of Shannox says: The realm of fire will consume you!
  • Avatar of Shannox says: You are marked for death! Go! FLEE, little one!
  • Avatar of Shannox says: You're being hunted!
  • Avatar of Shannox says: Time to run... Shannox comes!
  • Avatar of Baleroc says: The master will see you all consumed!
  • Avatar of Baleroc says: Be swallowed by a sea of flame!
  • Avatar of Baleroc says: None may enter the master's domain!
  • Avatar of Baleroc says: I enact my masters will. I am he who bars the gate!
  • Avatar of Staghelm says: I have come for you, Malfurion.
  • Avatar of Staghelm says: You are all weak... frail...
  • Avatar of Staghelm says: There is one true path... the path of FLAME!
  • Avatar of Staghelm says: Yours is a path of doom.
  • Avatar of Staghelm says: Destroy their camp! Burn their tree to ash!
  • Avatar of Staghelm says: Burn EVERYTHING! Leave no survivors!
  • Avatar of Staghelm says: Kill them all, bring Malfurion to me.
  • Avatar of Staghelm says: Leave none alive, save Malfurion. He is mine.
  • Avatar of Ragnaros says: Be consumed by flame!
  • Avatar of Ragnaros says: I will see you all burn!


He seems to appear about every 15 minutes from a shooting ball of fire coming from Sulfuron Keep.

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