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NeutralA Hidden Message

85 (Requires 85)


16g 54s


N Rogue [85] Proving Your Worth


N Rogue [85] To Ravenholdt

This rogue-only quest is the second part of the chain to obtain the legendary dagger set Fangs of the Father. It is a courier quest, sending the rogue to aid the red dragonflight in the Twilight Highlands.


Charge your Cryptomancer's Decoder Ring and use it to decode the Corastrasza's Singed Cipher.

Provided item:


Corastrasza, currently stationed at the Vermillion Redoubt in the Twilight Highlands, has intercepted a coded message of grave importance. I'll let her explain the full situation, but we need your expertise to unravel the cipher!

Take your decoder ring to an ethereal thaumaturge in your capital city - he should know how to charge it. Acquire the encoded cipher from Corastrasza and use the ring to decode it for her. Hurry! Time is ticking...


You will receive: 16g 54s


I was hoping Lord Afrasastrasz would find us a competent rogue.

What have you got for us, <name>? Do you have a means of decrypting the message?


What's this about? "Ravenholdt Manor?" I thought that was just a motley band of thieves up in the Hillsbrad Foothills.

What would they want with a dragon egg? More importantly, how did they find out about it?

We're going to need some answers, <name>!


Take the  [Cryptomancer's Decoder Ring] to a capital city to pay the ethereal 10,000 gold and wait 12 hours to charge it up in to the  [Charged Decoder Ring]. Then head to the Twilight Highlands and fly to the Vermillion Redoubt. There, Corastrasza has relocated from her previous location at Coldarra in Borean Tundra. Interact with her, acquire the  [Singed Cipher] and use the Charged Decoder Ring on it to create the  [Solved Cipher], then hand that cipher back in to Corastrasza.

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