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Quest:Going on the Offensive

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AllianceGoing on the Offensive
The Sentinel can be found near Koro Mistwalker

87 (Requires 86)




1g 2s


A [87] Immortality?



Get Incursion Sentinel's Report.


Ha! So my father just wasted twenty years of our lives on a fool's errand!

I'm taking charge.

When Tyrande sent us here she was very specific that we not come back until we find the source of the Light that she saw in her visions. It's obvious now that the Pools of Youth were not it.

I want you to look for my scout. I sent her to investigate the Crane Temple but she hasn't returned.

Get her report and rendezvous with us at the Sentinel Basecamp further west.


You will receive: 1g 2s


Did you find the scout?


<Name>, well timed as usual. It turns out the mogu know how to use portals as well.


  • 12900 XP


On accept:

Lyalia says: Sentinels, saddle up and prepare to move out! Xintar, carve us a portal to the next location. We are leaving a small garrision here and pressing northwestward.
Magister Xintar says: Um, this may take a while.

Follow the road west and sneak through the ruins to reach the Deepwild. As the path reaches the Krasarang River, the Incursion Sentinel can be found dead, just to the south of the path, slain by arrows. Loot the  [Sentinel Scout's Report]. If desired, stop and speak with Koro Mistwalker, holding a saurok by the neck, for A [86] Into the Wilds. Otherwse, keep heading northwest to reach the Sentinel Basecamp.

Quest progression

  1. A [87] Going on the Offensive
  2. A [87] No Sister Left Behind & A [87] Sever Their Supply Line & A [87] Re-Reclaim
  3. A [87] The Mantid & A [87] The Stoneplow Convoy
  4. A [87] The Lord Reclaimer
  5. A [87] The Waters of Youth
  6. A [87] Warn Stoneplow

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