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For a list of reagent vendors see the reagent vendors category

A reagent vendor is an NPC in a city or town who sells reagents, items that are required in order to cast a specific spell or use a specific ability. Casting the spell/ability will consume the reagent.

When using the tracking system with the minimap they will appear with a reagent looking icon (MiniIcon Reagent.png) at their locations.


Inv misc dust 02.png 5x [Vanishing Powder]
Achievement zone dustwallowmarsh.png [Dust of Disappearance]
Inv inscription tomeoftheclearmind.png [Tome of the Clear Mind]
Spell warlock demonicportal purple.png [Gateway Control Stone]

Reagents of the past

These items were once sold by these vendors:

Name Lvl Cost
 [Ankh] 20s
 [Arcane Powder] 10s
 [Ashwood Seed] 40 8s
 [Corpse Dust] 55 50s
 [Demonic Figurine] 60 1g
 [Devout Candle] 70 20s
 [Flintweed Seed] 70 50s
 [Holy Candle] 48 7s
 [Hornbeam Seed] 50 14s
 [Infernal Stone] 55 50s
 [Ironwood Seed] 60 20s
 [Maple Seed] 2s
 [Rune of Portals] 20s
 [Rune of Teleportation] 10s
 [Sacred Candle] 60 10s
 [Starleaf Seed] 79 70s
 [Symbol of Divinity] 30 20s
 [Symbol of Kings] 60 30s
 [Wild Berries] 50 7s
 [Wild Quillvine] 70 15s
 [Wild Spineleaf] 80 50s
 [Wild Thornroot] 60 10s

Mists of Pandaria

MoP This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

The remaining reagents are being removed in Mists of Pandaria. The reagent vendors will now only sell  [Vanishing Powder],  [Dust of Disappearance], and  [Tome of the Clear Mind].