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The Recruit-A-Friend, often referred to as RaF, program is a referral system, through which players can recruit friends or family members into World of Warcraft. When a player chooses to recruit someone, the recruit is emailed an activation key for a 10-day trial account. Accounts created through this referral become "linked" with the recruiter's account for 90 days. If the trial account is upgraded to a paid subscription, both the recruiter and the recruit gain benefits when they play World of Warcraft together. RaF used to last only until level 60, but after Mists of Pandaria, this was changed to 85 (with grantable level maximum increased from 30 to 42).

How to recruit a friend

Log into a character in-game. Open the "Social" tab. Click the "Recruit A Friend" button. Enter your friend's email address, and a custom message if desired. Now, your friend must open the email sent by Blizzard, and follow the link to create an account. Once the account is created, they need to verify it with Blizzard, through a follow-up email. Then they can follow the link in the invitation email again, and they will be prompted to choose which account to RAF link. Typically, this is WoW1. After this point, the accounts should be linked.


The rewards available as of Patch 6.2

Lasts for 90 days after the recruitment

  • Both the recruit and the recruiter can summon each other while partied. This "Summon Friend" ability has a 30-minute cooldown. The summoned character must be level 80 or below and on the same realm as the summoner.
  • Both the recruit and the recruiter gain triple experience points (up to level 85) while partied and within 100 yards of each other. Unlike rested EXP, this applies to experience from quests and kills.
    • This does not stack with rested XP, however killing mobs and farming nodes does not consume rested XP, either.
    • This does stack with the 5-10% XP bonus from heirloom items, and said items can be passed between WoW accounts (via mail) if they're tied to the same account.
    • If both characters are not within 3 levels of each other, only the lower-level character will gain extra experience.
    • If a mob or quest is trivial (grey) to either character, neither will receive triple experience.
  • Recruit characters gain one "grantable" level for every two levels earned (up to 42 levels per character). Recruit characters may then grant these levels to the veteran's lower-level characters. When the characters are grouped, the recruit may target and right-click on the veteran character's nameplate and an option "Grant a Level" should appear in the context menu.
    • The character receiving the levels must be lower than the granter's level, and below level 85. In other words, a level 65 recruit can grant levels to get the veteran up to level 65, but no higher. A level 87 recruit can grant levels to get the veteran up to level 85.
    • The character receiving the levels may decline the grant when prompted and then nothing happens.
    • Any levels not already granted when the account link is broken are lost. However, unlike the early version of RaF, the recruit does not lose the ability to grant levels simply because he/she has reached level 85. Those levels can still be granted any time during the 90-day period.
    • The level grants grant a complete level. The XP bar remains the same in the new level, so a final strategy is to work the recruit to level 85 with only 1% left to level 80 and then grant the last level. The recruit's character will then be 99% of the way to level 86.
    • Recruits can grant levels to any character on the veteran's account, and one veteran may accept granted levels from multiple recruits. The veteran can start a level 1 character and receive free levels from multiple recruits up to the RaF cap, as seen here.
    • Levels are granted one at a time, and may be distributed among veteran characters; the recruit may grant 25 levels to Veteran Character A and 17 levels to Veteran Character B, or any combination desired.
    • The 42 grantable level limit applies to each character on the recruited account. If the recruit levels multiple characters to 85, each character can grant 42 levels, to the same player or different players (within the above limits, of course).
    • Granted levels are earned regardless of whether the recruit and veteran were adventuring together when the levels were earned.
  • The 90 days starts from the day the R-A-F invitation is accepted, not when the account is upgraded, so be certain when the link ends. This can be done from the recruitment status page under Account Management.

Time-independent rewards

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