Reginald Windsor

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AllianceReginald Windsor
Image of Reginald Windsor
Title Marshal
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 63 / 53 (enslaved) Elite
Character class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde (enslaved)
Affiliation(s) Alliance, Kingdom of Stormwind
Occupation Marshal of Stormwind, revelator of Onyxia
Location Detention Block, Blackrock Depths (WoW)
Status Deceased (lore), Alive (WoW)
All owe debt to the knight who gave his life to reveal the dark secret of Lady Katrana Prestor.[1]

Reginald Windsor was a human knight of Stormwind who discovered that Katrana Prestor was really the black dragon Onyxia. He was instrumental in unmasking her, though he paid for it with his life.



Marshal Reginald Windsor was a legendary knight and commander in his best days. With nerves of thorium and wielding his family's epic hammer  [Ironfoe], he became a living legend in Stormwind. Later he was assigned the post of commanding officer of Alliance forces in Burning Steppes.

As threats of Blackrock orcs grew, he and his agents traveled to Blackrock Mountain to investigate. While traveling with the information they gathered, his squadron stumbled into a Blackrock orcs battalion laying traps for an upcoming battle with the Dark Irons and were forced to fight them. Though Windsor managed to defeat the orcs, he was spotted by 300 Dark Iron dwarves and was captured. Only one of his men, Ragged John, escaped to tell the tale.[2] Marshal Windsor was captured and imprisoned, his hammer taken by the Emperor, Dagran Thaurissan, and the precious information seemed lost.

World of Warcraft: The Comic

WoW-comic-logo-16x68.png This section concerns content exclusive to the World of Warcraft comics.

The death of Marshal Windsor.

Eventually however, he was rescued by Varian Wrynn, Broll Bearmantle, Valeera Sanguinar, and Thargas Anvilmar. He revealed to them the dark secret that he learned while stationed in the Burning Steppes: that the court of Stormwind had been infiltrated by the black dragon Onyxia, in the guise of Lady Katrana Prestor. Reginald Windsor accompanied the four to Stormwind and, even though he knew it would lead to his death, he confronted her, revealing her true form within Stormwind Keep. With her plans unraveling and her disguise ruined, she incinerated Windsor and escaped to her lair.[3][4]

In World of Warcraft

Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft.

Enslaved Marshal Windsor.

Prior to the release of Wrath of the Lich King, Alliance player characters could discover his notes, scattered among major individuals of Shadowforge City. Returning his notes restored Windsor's hopes, and the player escorted him to freedom. Returning to Stormwind, Windsor was greeted as a hero, despite orders from Lady Katrana Prestor for his arrest. Windsor proceeded to Stormwind Keep to reveal Katrana's true identity as Lady Onyxia before being slain by her. However, this part was a little bit retconned as seen in The Comic.

Despite most of his appearances made unavailable, he can be seen as Marshal Windsor enslaved in the Detention Block of Blackrock Depths.


Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft.



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