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  • Runecloth
  • Crafting Reagent
  • Sell Price: 4s

Runecloth is a cloth item drop from humanoids in the 51-60 level range. It is rarer than  [Mageweave Cloth], but not as rare as  [Felcloth]. With the introduction of The Burning Crusade, this item was replaced as the most powerful normal cloth by  [Netherweave Cloth], which was then replaced by other cloths in subsequent expansions.

As an ingredient

Runecloth is used in the following recipes:




First Aid


As a quest objective

Runecloth is needed for the following quests:

Places to farm

Number one farming place seems to be in Silithus. Twilight Avengers, located mainly north-west and south-west in Silithus, have a drop rate of 34% (According to, based on over 155,000 kills)

Those who have The Burning Crusade expansion can farm in Outland at the Hellfire Peninsula. Bleeding Hollow Peons (59), located in the south-east section of Hellfire Peninsula, have an average drop rate of 33% (According to, based on over 125,000 kills).

Possible farming locations:


Raw Runecloth, as it's dropped from monsters, can be used in a variety of tradeskill recipes. Most notably it creates  [Runecloth Bandage] and  [Heavy Runecloth Bandage] with First Aid. It's also needed for the runic leather line of Leatherworking, and four pieces of Runecloth can be combined to form one  [Bolt of Runecloth] with Tailoring.

The bolts are used for most of the high-end Tailoring recipes, sometimes mixed with  [Felcloth] or  [Mooncloth].

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