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Sand gnome

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For the NPC, see Sand Gnome (mob).
Sand gnomes
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A gathering of Sand Gnomes during the Cataclysm Alpha.

Sand gnomes are a strange, pallid-skinned race of gnomes who live under the shifting sands of many deserts within a tribal society. For some time, many scholars doubted that they even existed; but it has now been confirmed that a number live in the Bone Wastes of Terokkar Forest. It is believed, although has never been confirmed, that they originated from Silithus.[1] How they arrived in Outland remains a mystery.

It is said that the beating of certain drums will at times bring them to the surface to attack those that disturb them.

Based on the disbelief of the dwarven explorers in the area, they may be hallucinations.[2]


  • The sand gnomes in Bone Wastes may be a parody of the Fremen from the Dune franchise. The things they have in common are popping out of the sand, Fumpers (sounding like 'thumpers'), living near giant worms summoned by the Fumpers, and living in a desert.
  • The sand gnomes of Uldum may be a reference to Jawas from Star Wars, but these NPCs were removed from Cataclysm beta and replaced with the sand pygmies when their model was completed.


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