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Shadowed Globule

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CombatShadowed Globule
Image of Shadowed Globule

<Blood of Shu'ma>


Ooze (Aberration)


87 Elite

10 1,825,868
10H 2,489,820
LFR 3,286,562
25 5,477,607
25H 8,216,406

Yor'sahj the Unsleeping calls to the might of Shu'ma, summoning three differently colored globules of his blood. These globules path slowly towards Yor'sahj, infusing him with additional powers if they reach him. When a Shadowed Globule reaches Yor'Sahj, it infuses Yor'sahj with the Deep Corruption ability. Yor'sahj's Deep Corruption spreads to every player, causing every fifth healing or absorption effect cast on a player to trigger a violent detonation, inflicting Shadow damage to all players.

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