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This article is about the giant turtle also known as the Wandering Isle. For the Halfhill salesman, see Shen-zin.
NeutralShen-zin Su
Image of Shen-zin Su
Title The Wandering Isle,
Great Turtle
Gender Male
Race(s) Giant turtle
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Friendly
Location Great Sea
Status Alive
Companion(s) Liu Lang

Shen-zin Su is a great sea turtle that roams Azeroth's oceans, which the pandaren used as a "Wandering Isle" and thus a way to explore the world outside Pandaria.[1] Not merely a gigantic turtle, Shen-zin Su is a fully sapient being and quite aware of the Wandering Isle pandaren that have been living on his back for generations.[2]


Birth and meeting Liu Lang

Centuries ago, a sea turtle hatched at Turtle Beach in the Krasarang Wilds, in the land of Pandaria. This turtle presumably lived a normal everyday life, reaching adulthood and becoming a creature of noteworthy size. One fateful day 9,200 years after the Great Sundering[3], it met and was befriended by a pandaren named Liu Lang.

Though pandaren lived in harmony with their native land, wanderlust has gripped a small portion of their hearts for as long as they can remember. To satisfy that wanderlust, to explore the world he knew waited beyond Pandaria's shores, Liu Lang wanted to have a way to leave Pandaria and yet be able to come back through the mists that hid the small continent. He came to realize that sea turtles always return to the beach where they were born, and thus he would always have a way back home.


At this point, the sea turtle had no name. When Liu Lang bought his travel supplies at Halfhill from Shen-Zin, owner of Shen-zin's Sundries, Shen-Zin humored his announcement that he was going to explore the world by suggesting that he should take an bamboo umbrella and offered one, on the house. A grateful Liu Lang happily told the supplier that he would name his sea turtle after him.[4]

Liu Lang would spend the rest of his life traveling with Shen-zin Su, making return trips to his homeland every five years, each time bringing with him stories of the wondrous things he’d seen. The turtle would prove time and again to have grown even larger from the last visit, until his shell had enough space to support an entire colony.[5]

Eventually, Shen-zin Su stopped returning to Pandaria, despite that fact that he could always do so if he wished, and hasn't done so for generations. In fact, he avoids the mist where the island continent is located.[6] While only Shen-zin Su truly knows the reason why, the pandaren of Pandaria presumed that Shen-zin Su stopped doing so shortly after the death of his beloved friend, Liu Lang.[7]

Recent history

The descendants of Liu Lang's followers, whom Shen-zin Su would dub the "grandchildren" of Liu Lang, still travel on the great turtle's shell to see the world. The turtle has continued to grow since Liu Lang's time to a truly massive size, supporting several villages, forest, and small mountain ranges. The settlers would appropriately call the sea turtle's shell "the Wandering Isle".

Recently the great turtle has been dragged by the Maelstrom, [8] caused by the gunship Skyseeker having crashed into it, causing the great turtle to no longer swim straight.[2] Realizing that the source of Shen-zin Su's pain is The Skyseeker a young pandaren adventurer and Master Shang Xi's disciples head into the forbidden Pei-Wu Forest. There, the party helps triage members of the Horde and Alliance, as well as fend off new horrors from the depths. Immediate threat taken care of, Ji Firepaw decides to blow up what's left of the Skyseeker. Shockingly, this plan actually works, to a point. Aysa Cloudsinger glares at Ji and walks away, leaving him looking sad but resolute, as Shen-zin Su lets out a groan of agony. Shen-zin Su now has a river of blood pouring into the sea and it's up to healers of both the Alliance and Horde to stitch him up, but not without what's left of the invading forces harassing the healers.

After the Peak of Serenity on Pandaria was destroyed by the Burning Legion, the survivors traveled to Shen-zin Su.


There is some disrepancy as to exactly what species of sea turtle Shen-zin Su is. One source claims that he is an Emerald Turtle, whilst another says that he is a seadragon turtle.


  • Shen-zin Su (神真子, Shénzhēnzi) is Chinese for "the true, godlike Sage."
  • Shen-zin Su is the Wandering Isle zone.
  • As he was already a very large adult when he met Liu Lang, as of Draenor he is probably somewhere around 850 years old.[9]
  • In N [9] The Suffering of Shen-zin Su, Shen-zin Su is voiced by Jim Cummings.
  • According to the Pet Journal entry of the Emerald Turtle "it is difficult to believe that Shen zin Su [...] began life as a tiny emerald turtle." While the Wanderer's Festival Hatchling says "Legend has it that a seadragon turtle just like this one grew up to become Shen-zin Su [...]".
  • Arguably, Shen-zin Su is the largest animal in Azeroth, possibly the largest animal known to exist so far. Shown on the appropriate maps in World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1, he would actually be visible from orbit.[10]
  • The original plan for the origins of the Pearl of Pandaria was to have Shen-zin Su swallow it when he was young. This was later scrapped in favor of the pearl belonging to a tribe of murlocs.
  • Shen-zin Su is most likely a reference general mythological concept of the World Turtle, a giant turtle that supports the entire world on its shell.



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