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For the instance, see Halls of Valor.
Level: 100 - 110
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PvP status

Skyhold is a portion of the Halls of Valor which are located high up in the clouds above Stormheim. Skyhold was set aside by Keeper Odyn as their order hall and as a staging point for the Valarjar to bring the fight to the Burning Legion.



The Skyhold is entered via a central zone, which leads to four sections - Eye of Odyn, Forge of Odyn, Arena of Glory and The Great Mead Hall. Finna Bjornsdottir, Ragnvald Drakeborn, Valarjar Aspirants and Valkyra Shieldmaidens are standing around the entrance to the Skyhold, while Val'kyr of Odyn can be seen flying above.

Eye of Odyn

The Eye of Odyn area is where the class hall leader can recruit troops, send champions and troops on missions, place work order for champion armaments and equipment, purchase items from the quartermaster and travel to other zones in the Broken Isles.

Aerylia can be found at the entrance to the area, talking to her will give the player the options to travel to one of the Broken Isles zones. Quartermaster Durnolf and a replica of the Battlelord's Armor can be found on the near left side. Durnolf sells the armor set and armor upgrades. Haklang Ulfsson can be found on the near right, allowing the player to place work orders for champion armaments and equipment. Haklang Ulfsson will only be available if the player choose the 3rd tier Order Advancement option Heavenly Forge.

Troop recruiters Savyn Valorborn and Matthew Glensorrow (for Alliance players) or Sharak Tor (for Horde players) can be found on the far left side. Savyn Valorborn offers to recruit Shieldmaiden Warbands or Valkyra Shieldmaidens if the player choose the 4th tier Order Advancement option [Ascension]; Matthew Glensorrow and Sharak Tor will only be available if the player choose 7th tier Order Advancement option Strike Hard. Glensorrow offers to recruit 7th Legion Shock Force, while Tor offers to recruit Kor'kron Shock Force. Troop recruiter Captain Hjalmar Stahlstrom can be found on the far right side, offering to recruit Valarjar Aspirants or Stormforged Valarjar if the player choose the 4th tier Order Advancement option Trial by Fire.

Skyseer Ghrent and the Eye of Odyn can be found at the far end. The player can send champions and troops on mission by interacting with the Eye of Odyn, while Ghrent will be handling most of the quest turn-ins.

Forge of Odyn

The Forge of Odyn area is where the class hall leader can research their Artifact Weapon to gain more Artifact Knowledge, unlocking traits in their weapon by spending Artifact Power, changing weapon visuals and upgrading their class hall.

Einar the Runecaster, Fjornson Stonecarver and  [Light's Heart] can be found at the north side of the entrance in front of the three stone tables: Saga of the Valarjar, The Favored of Odyn and The Legend of Odyn. Einar will offer upgrades to the class hall, while Fjornson will help research the weapons. On the opposite side, Keeper Thorim is standing in front five pedestals with the unlocked appearances of the artifact weapon appearing above each. At the far end, Master Smith Helgar and Dvalen Ironrune are located besides the Forge of Odyn. Interacting with the Forge of Odyn will allow the player to spend Artifact Power to unlock traits for their weapon and to change their weapon appearance.

Arena of Glory

The Arena of Glory area is where the class hall leader can place a work order to complete one non-elite World Quest, use the Training Dummys and to fight for a chance to win the  [Skyhold Chest of Riches].

Once every 3 hours Odyn will place the Skyhold Chest of Riches in the center of the arena, warriors entering the arena will be flagged for PvP and must fight to win the chest. If the chest is not looted in 10 minutes, Hargal the Bladestormer will jump into the area and [Bladestorm] until the chest is looted or he is defeated, which happens when he reaches ~10% health, at which point he will retreat and drop his axe, picking up the axe puts you into a permanent bladestorm, with a huge damage boost. A player will only be able to see and loot the chest if the they choose the 2nd tier Order Advancement option For Honor and Glory.

Matilda Skoptidottir can be found on the left side of the arena, offering use of Blessing of Mjolnir to gain the Horn of War to unleash the power of the Val'kyr to help complete a non-elite World Quest once every 18 hours. Matilda Skoptidottir is only available if a player choose the 5th tier Order Advancement option Val'kyr Call.

Valarjar Aspirant spectators, tables of food and drinks and weapon and armor racks can be found around the arena, with Val'kyr Arena Master located at the 2 entrances to the arena itself. Weaponmaster Asvard, King Ymiron and Keeper Hodir can be found at the entrance, the left and right sides of the arena, respectively. Lesser Sparring Partner and Greater Sparring Partner Raider's Training Dummy can be found at the far end, while on the right side of the arena Tanking Lesser Sparring Partner and Greater Sparring Partner can be found.

Armor racks featuring warrior tier sets are located at the both the left and right sides of the entrance. Once a player collects all items from a set, the set will appear on the armor rack.

The Great Mead Hall

The Great Mead Hall is full of Valarjar Aspirants and Shieldmaidens eating and drinking while Stormforged Valarjar guard the hall. At the hall's center sits Keeper Odyn, with Hymdall and Lord Darius Crowley (for Alliance players) or Eitrigg (for Horde players) at his right and left sides, respectively. Hruthnir and Magnar Icebreaker can be found on the far left side, while Renfield and Svergan Stormcloak can be found on the far right side. The Grand Challenger's Bounty can be located at the entrance to the hall.

Travel points

Once a player has progressed through a zone, a Val'kyr of Odyn will enable the player to use Jump to Skyhold to enter Skyhold, talking to Aerylia, the player can return to any of the zones.

Using this means of travel will lead the player to these places:








Original campaign

Level 98
  1. A Warrior [98] An Important Mission / H Warrior [98] A Desperate Plea
  2. B Warrior [98] Return to the Broken Shore
  3. N Warrior [98] Odyn and the Valarjar
  4. N Warrior [98] Weapons of Legend
  5. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  6. N Warrior [98] The Forgening
  7. N Warrior [98] The Forge of Odyn
  8. N Warrior [98] The Eye of Odyn
  9. N Warrior [98] Thus Begins the War
  10. N Warrior [98] Secrets of the Axes (optional)
Level 101
  1. N Warrior [101] Odyn's Summons
  2. Complete all of the following:
  3. N Warrior [101] Captain Stahlstrom
  4. N Warrior [101] Recruiting the Troops
  5. N Warrior [101] Troops in the Field
  6. N Warrior [101] Einar the Runecaster
  7. N Warrior [101] The Call of Battle
  8. N Warrior [101] The Gjallarhorn
  9. N Warrior [101] Stolen Honor
  10. N Warrior [101] Break the Bonds
  11. N Warrior [101] Svergan's Promise
  12. Complete both:
Level 102
  1. N [102] More Weapons of Legend
  2. N [100] One More Legend
Level 103
  1. N Warrior [103] To the Summit!
  2. N Warrior [103] Revenge, Served Cold
  3. N Warrior [103] Jorhuttam
  4. Complete both:
Level 110
  1. N Warrior [110] Axe and You Shall Receive (optional)
  2. N Warrior [110] Hitting the Books (optional)
  3. N Warrior [110] Champion Armaments (optional)
  4. N Warrior [110] The Might of the Val'kyr (optional)
  5. N Warrior [110D] Maw of Souls: Message to Helya
  6. N Warrior [110] Ulduar's Oath
  7. Complete all of the following:
  8. N Warrior [110] Capturing the Gateway
    1. Mission: Investigate Felsoul Hold
    2. Mission: Preparing Our Arrival
    3. Mission: Last Chance
  9. N Warrior [110] The Fate of Hodir
  10. N Warrior [110] A Hero's Weapon

Patch 7.1.5 campaign

  1. N Warrior [110] An Urgent Warning
  2. N Warrior [110] Investigate the Broken Shore

Patch 7.2 campaign

  1. N [110] Champions of Legionfall
    1. N Warrior [110] Tactical Planning
    2. N Warrior [110] Recruitment Drive
    3. Complete all of:
      1. N Warrior [110] Stolen Souls
      2. N Warrior [110] Arming the Army
      3. N Warrior [110] Helya's Horn
    4. N Warrior [110] A Glorious Reunion
    5. N Warrior [110] Resource Management
    6. Complete all of:
    7. N Warrior [110] Return of the Battlelord
    8. A Warrior [110] Champion: Lord Darius Crowley / H Warrior [110] Champion: Eitrigg
  2. N Warrior [110] Further Advancement

Order Hall Advancement

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  • The art and feel of the zone is heavily inspired by Valhalla.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • Considering some of these are still living to this day, it is possible that other living warriors were meant to be accepted into Skyhold like the Battlelord. The presence of Nazgrim and Thoras Trollbane may also indicate that they were not maybe always meant to be part of the reborn Horsemen. Several of them have a placeholder model, though others such as Anduin Lothar had never appeared in World of Warcraft before.

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