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For the south sea on Draenor, see South Sea.
South Seas map

The South Seas, also known as Southseas, surround the southern tip of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, mostly noted by travelers on the southern coasts of Stranglethorn Vale and the port of Booty Bay.

Regions of the South Seas

Thus far, only Kezan is accessible in-game, and then only to new goblin characters. Kezan has been evacuated by the Bilgewater Cartel goblins due to the eruption of Mount Kajaro caused by Deathwing's reappearance, and the fate of the island remains unclear.

Regions adjacent to the South Seas


  • The monstrous, flesh-eating bloodwing bat hails from the misty jungle islands of the South Seas, where it is the undisputed ruler of the night sky.[1]
  • Giant turtles are also known to live in the southern seas.[2]
  • There is an uncharted island from which the rogues of the Uncrowned extracted a rare venom.[3]


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