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Vethir, a storm dragon.
For the storm dragons of Skywall, see Storm dragon.

The storm dragons[1] are a race of dragons imbued with the power of storms. Most of them are found in Stormheim. While not one of the major dragonflights blessed by the titans, they still swore fealty to the titanic watchers in keeping Azeroth safe.[2] They play a large role in the Stormheim storyline.


Unlike storm drakes from Skywall, the storm dragons of Stormheim are associated with thunder and lightning than wind. Despite not being one of the 5 Titan-blessed dragonflights, they seem to be on-par with the other dragonflights in terms of intelligence. Most, if not all, storm dragons appear to be capable of speech[3] and one brood presides over one of the Odyn's trials (the Trial of Will) to determine the worth of those who seek the  [Aegis of Aggramar].[4]

There are two identified broods of storm dragons within Stormheim: The Thorignir under Thrymjaris, allied with Odyn and protect Stormheim, and the brood of Nithogg who terrorize the nearby lands.



Brood of Nithogg
Stormwing Drakes
Storm Drakes


  • According to Vethir, a baby storm dragon dislikes having its food served raw.
  • The Stormborne Whelpling can be gained as a pet from a rare spawn.