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The Stormwind Army,[1][2] is the backbone of Stormwind's armed forces. Considered by many to be the proudest men and women in service to the King, these soldiers defend the interest of Stormwind and the Alliance. Before the return of King Varian Wrynn, the army had been thrown into disarray and scattered due to the efforts of the broodmother Onyxia of the Black Dragonflight who at the time was masquerading under the guise of Lady Katrana Prestor. Many areas, such as Westfall and Duskwood were without its support and had to form their own militias. Elwynn Forest and Redridge Mountains[3] had to rely on the help of the adventurers as the Stormwind soldiers were low in numbers.

With Varian back in command of his army, reinforcements and aid were sent throughout the Kingdom of Stormwind to help secure them once again.[4] Since the duties of the army have spread Stormwind's armed forces thin, the Stormwind army has taken to deputizing Alliance adventurers to fullfill some of their duties on their behalf.[5] Some local militias such as the Westfall Brigade, has been formally inducted as a part of the army with the full support of the kingdom.[6]

The Armies of Stormwind have seen fighting in Outland, Northrend and with the start of the war against Deathwing have been dispatched to strategic fronts to reinforce their allies or to secure the home line across their kingdom.

In the Kingdom

In Elwynn, the Alliance adventurer was awarded Acting Deputy Status with the Stormwind Marshals.[7] The Army had placed bounty on murlocs in Elwynn,[8] James Clark,[9] as well as on Hogger.[10] They commissioned Sara Timberlain to supply their people with cloth and leather armor.[11]

Stormwind abandoned Westfall and Duskwood and as such, The People's Militia and Night Watch militias were created respectively.

In Redridge's Lakeshire, Magistrate Solomon sent a note about the bad situation in the area. Marcus Jonathan promised that the Army will help,[12] though it is implied it took a long time[13] and is unknown whether it arrived at all.

Lord Marshal Raynor and Stormwind Marshals were sent to lead the defense of the Blasted Lands when Lord Kazzak reopens the Dark Portal.

Eventually, Marshal Reginald Windsor revealed that Lady Katrana Prestor was actually Onyxia in disguise and she and some of her infiltrators took Prince Anduin Wrynn hostage in her lair. Two versions of King Varian Wrynn traveled with Stormwind footmen to slay Onyxia and rescue their prince.[14] The Stormwind soldiers returned with Onyxia's head which was hanged from the ramparts of Stormwind as a tribute to the footmen's prowess and a warning to their enemies.[15]

King Varian Wrynn was returned whole to Stormwind and formed the Valiance Expedition to fight a costly war against the Lich King.

In the aftermath of the War against the Lich King, Stormwind City itself was attacked by Deathwing. A Cataclysm has also cracked the once natural defenses buffering the kingdom from its enemies and left openings that were taken advantaged of. The Blackrock orcs have managed to sneak into Northshire through a break in the southern Elwynn Mountains. Stormwind Infantry and patrolling Stormwind Royal Guards were deployed to defend Elwynn Forest. The Stormwind Army has also put a bounty on Hogger and incarcerates him to the Stockades in the aftermath of his defeat.[16] With the guidance of the dragon Darkblaze, the Dark Horde have also begun invading Redridge in force as well. An Alliance adventurer deputized by the Stormwind Army travels to Redridge to aid the beleaguered Stormwind guards and reform Bravo Company to combat the threat. In Westfall, the Westfall Brigade become formal members of the Stormwind Army and are working to restore Westfall to its former glory. Stormwind Investigators were also sent to Westfall to investigate the increase in murders in the region. After discovering they were actively being subverted by the rise of a new Defias Brotherhood, King Varian promised to send a new battalion to reinforce them and defeat the new Defias which has holed up in the Deadmines. Lieutenant Horatio Laine, his investigators, and Alliance adventurers raided the Deadmines and put an end to the new Defias. Marshtide Watch was established to check the dangers of Stonard.

In response to the Iron Horde attack on Nethergarde Keep, the Shattered Beachhead was established north of Shattershore of the Blasted Lands. Stormwind Marines, Stormwind Cannoneers, Stormwind Sea Wolves, and Stormwind Sailor‎s were sent under the command of Vindicator Maraad to force back the Iron Horde incursion. The 7th Fleet might have supported them considering 7th Fleet Cannons were presents.

When a Legion Invasion assaulted Westfall, Stormwind Guardsmen, Stormwind Mages, Stormwind Gryphon Riders, and Stormwind Knights were deployed to combat the demons.


The Stormwind Army is comprised of several distinct units[citation needed] that involve the actual armed forces that get dispatched to reinforce or even invade other territories and the Stormwind Guard which takes care of problems on the home front throughout the Kingdom of Stormwind. SI:7 tends to work very close with the army as well as the rest of the entire Alliance.[citation needed]

It can be assumed granted the way the army seems to be used that soldiers are either assigned duties in a certain sect of the army, whether it being deployed to a front or simply being assigned guard duty in one of the kingdom's realms. Another possibility could be that they do tours of duty where they are assigned to a specific area and for a set amount of time before receiving new orders and relocate to where necessary. It is also probably possible that soldiers can apply to stay stationed in a specific location or request to be sent to a certain destination although this most likely would not always be approved if the situation was too urgent.

The guards that patrol Stormwind City likely do not get ordered out onto front lines as their line of work is more policing than military. If the city on the other hand is the sight of a battle by rare chance they would fight alongside the army.

Ranks / units


Notable NPCs

  • General Hammond Clay is the High Commander of Stormwind Defense. He is responsible for the day to day operations of the Stormwind Army, and commands it with great honor.[citation needed]
  • Reginald Windsor was a high ranking Marshal in the Stormwind Army.[citation needed] He was a legendary commander who wielded the epic hammer  [Ironfoe], and he had been a living legend in Stormwind. He was later assigned the post of commanding all Alliance forces in the Burning Steppes. He was taken captive by a dark iron raiding party, and eventually was rescued and traveled to Stormwind, and revealed that Lady Katrana Prestor was actually Onyxia of the Blackdragon Flight. Marshal Windsor was killed by Onyxia in the keep, and is remembered as one of Stormwind's greatest heroes.
  • Gryan Stoutmantle has been promoted to the rank of Marshal for his leadership during the armies dis-organization and involvement with leading the Westfall Brigade in Northrend. It falls to him for commanding the army in Westfall and ensuring the law is upheld. Considering the mass transients seeking refuge in Sentinel Hill and the rise of organized crime in the region once again this is no easy task.
  • Marshal Marris is the leader of the Stormwind Army unit in Lakeshire. He sits by the Lakeshire Bridge overseeing the day to day defense of the town.
  • Marshal McBride is in charge of the military forces in Northshire Abbey, the human starting location. He is the quest giver for all of the class-specific introductory quests for humans. With Blackrock Orcs attempting to invading the small enclave, his job has become much more dire than it use to be.

Reactions to the neglect before Varian's return

The Stormwind army was criticized harshly by the leaders of the surrounding zones, Westfall's Gryan Stoutmantle, Redridge Mountains' Magistrate Solomon, and Duskwood's Lord Ello Ebonlocke, for their lack of response to the zones' troubles. In Redridge, and Lakeshire in particular, there was at least a presence of the Stormwind army, even though the soldiers there, like the ones in Elwynn Forest, give many quests to help alleviate the problems in the zone. In Westfall, the people have formed The People's Militia to fight against the Defias Brotherhood and the gnolls and mechanical monsters that have taken over their fields and the town of Moonbrook. In Duskwood, the people have formed a militia called The Night Watch, assembled to battle the undead, worgen, ogres, and vicious spiders that have taken over most of the zone outside of the town of Darkshire.[citation needed]

This neglect was the result of Lady Katrana Prestor, who was actually Onyxia in disguise, intentionally trying to keep the Kingdom of Stormwind in a weakened state. Following the return of King Varian Wrynn and the death of Onyxia, the Stormwind army has likely began sending aid to neighboring regions once again.[4]


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The Stormwind Guard may be an alternate name for the Stormwind Army or its sub-group.

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